Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beautiful nature.

We've already gone on a couple of nature walks this week. Early that is because things are getting mighty toasty by the noon hour.  Ok so it's only 90 degrees but I'm already hot.  You should see the things we collected along the way.  Some of the things I've never even noticed before on the very same path that we frequent until the girls pointed them out.  Oh to see things through a child's eyes.

I wasn't even planning on taking their pictures on our little walks but the girls insisted that we should. One of them said, "Nature is very important and we never want to forget it."

A few hopes for my girls:
1) I hope you always remember the great Creator of all this beautiful nature.
2) I hope you always stop and take time to enjoy know stop & smell the roses.
3)  I hope you tell Dad that I would enjoy a bushel of poppies like in the above picture or my own private patio preserve like in the below picture.  Either one.  
*Be happy little ones and always know how beautiful you & your little spirits are.

Image via Country Living


Jeanne Oliver said...

I love treasure hunting walks.

angela said...

your daughters are gorgeous. i saw the link to your photos of the vintage swimwear/swimcaps from another design blog and loved them! i posted it on: if thats ok!

Courtney Vance said...

Looks like a fun little adventure. Wish I'd been there. said...

love those walks, such wonderful memories

great pics!


Annie said...

I think poppies are about the most delightful flower out there. I will never forget the millions of poppies I saw dusted across the hills at Pompeii when we visited Italy last year. It was simply breathtaking.