Wednesday, December 23, 2009

{Merry Christmas from our home to yours}

Well this is we are again with Christmas knocking @ our door.  My heart is very full for all of the wonderful people in my life.  I do have to say that I am looking forward to the New Year with high hopes of a fresh start on all of my resolutions.  We will be potty training next year so I'm not sure how that will play into my blogging life but we'll take it as it comes and keep re-evaluating.  I have had so much fun getting to know new friends via this blog.  Thank you so much for all of the niceness that any one of you have given to me.

At Christmas time, probably my very favorite tradition has been what is called our family's "Palestine dinner"  It always takes place on Christmas Eve and is very simple, perhaps the way it may have been in Jesus's day (well it's always Jesus's day but you know what I mean).  The lights are turned down and we dine by fire or candle light.  The menu usually always include foods such as cheese, crackers, juice, apples, grapes & soups.  Then we all gather around the fireplace and talk about what Christmas means to our family.  Nana tells a new story to the kids and presents them with a little gift that is symbolic to the story.  All then proceed to load up in Baca's truck to observe the luminaries that line the streets of the neighborhood.  I love this time of year.  Also, I really enjoyed reading the following about simplifying your Christmas by embracing the spiritual side of the season.  

"The gift of Christmas isn't wrapped up in presents or parties. The gift of Christmas is Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten of the Father, the Son of God. As you follow Him, you put people first. You may spend less time in lines and more time serving others. You may spend less money on - and more time with - the people you love. You may lose yourself and you may find everything else that matters."  found here.

So true & in fact I have already began to receive those kind of Christmas gifts.  A brother and a sister took my car and filled it up with gas then cleaned and detailed it from the inside out.  Let me just say 5 kids 4 and under..bad news blues for my vehicle on wheels.  I am really surprised neither one of them had to use a barf bag.  The other act of service came from good old Mandy.  She just showed up made my lunch then cleaned up my house.  Then I cried.  Hopefully I will pay it excuses with such great examples.


Don't get me wrong I still enjoy receiving the other kind of gifts too..especially when Nana wrapped them up so cute.

If the truth be known I would really enjoy a new pair of boots and a Hermes blanket especially if they only cost one dollar bill.

Anyway, a very Merry Christmas from our home to yours. xoxoxo - Christina

{The above family pictures and Christmas card were done by the amazing Michelle @ Sweet Moments Design)

See you next year.  I have a fun post that includes the top 10 thrift store purchases.  You won't want to miss this one.

Also, please feel free to share any of your family's traditions because I would love to hear them.

Friday, December 18, 2009

{3 step program to hanging or not hanging a rack}

I was laughing so hard when I got the below comment from a friend:

"So I have one for you. My husband decided it was okay to bring home a HUGE elk mount and put it up in our formal living/dining room. I have no choice in the matter. Could you post some ideas for me as far as decorating that room (we have nothing in it so far besides the elk head). What should I do????? I'm at a loss and I know you'd know what to do!
H E L P!"

So I guess I am not the only one who has a husband that has a thing for racks.  Take that for what it's worth bit it's true.

Anyway, I had a hard time coming up with inspiration photos that showcased a full on elk mount carcase thingy that looked good. My advice would be to go about your decorating business and ignore the big elk hanging in your living room as if it were never there or put your foot down and ban all mounts from anything that is not considered a man cave.

Ok I will try to be a bit more realistic because we all know a good relationship is about compromise and if big racks on dead animals make our husbands happy then we will have to just press forward and make the best out of the situation...right?  Who knows you may even begin to become attached to the little glossy eyed animal that always seems to be staring you down.  Ha!

Here's the 3 step program on decorating with a mount/rack:

Step 1:

Offer husband your willingness to decorate with pictures and silhouettes of animals in the main living space and in return the actual trophy elk head can remain in garage, office or cabin.  If husband still is reluctant then go to step 2.

Step 2:

Come to husband with pictures of European mounts and say, "Your manliness has never looked so good if we mount your animal European style".  You may even add a little excitement in your expression when you sell this idea to him.  Note to self:  Try to make husband think it was his idea to mount it European style...then you just might have a chance to keep your home.  If he still is not a fan of that idea and the hard sell is a no go then move on to Step 3.


Step 3:

Sorry because you are out of luck so try to salvage the deal by saying,
"I will let you hang up that animal head in our living room if you let me go out and go shopping
to go buys things that will enhance the look of your gorgeous new rack.  
Next proceed to your favorite retail establishment and purchase things that make you really 
happy the end result should look something like this:

A happy home with lots of smiles

Seriously Jennie, my advice to you would be to find your decorating style and carry on.  
I think you have a very good chance of still having things look good with a big animal 
hanging in your house no matter what you style may be.  
I say just try to juxtapose a couple different looks & elements to have it all blend.

Good luck my friend!

{picture via Lonny Mag}

Thursday, December 17, 2009

holiday scenes & a snow party

The kids tree...loving the candy ornaments from Domestic Bliss.

my favorite ornaments made of thread.

Since it doesn't snow here we thought that we should have a "snow party" that included a fluffy white blanket, white yogurt balls, snow angels & dancing.  It was a hit.  

Of course re-used all of the things that were made for Blissfest.
This year it was a very simple paper holiday. I think next year
we will only do a few twigs and a few ornaments though.

The holiday glass ball collection is almost complete. I like this one
best because it will probably stay up all year. When I tried to explain
to the clerk @ Goodwill what I would be using all of these old lighting
fixtures for, she got a weird look on her face. I kind of like it though
because it adds a little architectural it was cost effective.

Now it is time to clean up clean up everybody clean up.

I am extra motivated today because I am obsessed with my
new cleaning supplies. They smell so good. Look @ that packaging.

P.S. - My camera is back just in time for the holidays

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

re-visiting twins

You see the thing about twins are that they are so do able because Mom has two arms, two hands, room for two on moms get the point.  Three babies is a different story.  Now I understand why I would qualify for a handy cap parking tag if I applied because it's true what they say "three is a crowd" and sometimes 3 may out number Mom.  For example  sometimes I am holding one boy's hand the other one in my arms but where do I place the third?  Then I turn my back for two seconds to put those two boys into the car only to turn and find the third half way to Barnes and Noble running at full toddler strength in a Target parking lot.  It takes a little extra creativity to man 3 little ones who brain cells are operating at practically the same speed. (one of them is a little more advanced than the rest though) 

Well the same thing applies for room in our home.  Room for 2 twin beds in any of our rooms, why yes.  Room for three beds in any of our rooms, why probably not so much but we're going to make it work with a bunk bed and a trundle. 

Pls. observe the cuteness of things that come in pairs: