Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bring the swim cap back.

Immediately after I saw the above swim cap, the picture of the girl on that pink tufted couch flashed through my mind. Look how cute she is with her swim caps

Then I thought about another image with another girl standing on a tufted sofa. This image brought everything together for me because she was reaching for a book and combined with the other image I envisioned reading a book on the beach in the 40's or 50's. Pure heaven. Why is the swim cap no longer a fashion statement rather than just function? Well no more I'm putting a stop to that. 

Apparently I was born in the wrong generation.  These women just ooze glamour and class.

{photos found both via Millie Motts & myvintagevogue's photo streams on flikr}

Then reality set in & I thought about the fact that I have no time to read books by the water with a swim cap on because I've got to get all 5 of mine enrolled in swim lessons TODAY, I don't know how this is going to work and the thought of getting all 5 little ones through the summer lessons kind of scares me so I will just go back to my daydream now.  Oh minor details.


Angie said...

Ooooh, I agree! I love the classy vintage swimsuits and caps. What I love more is the hips on those women - can we please bring hips back into style?!

My grandma always wore a flowered swim cap, just like the one you pictured. Those memories from our yearly trips to Lake Powell are priceless. Of course, grandma didn't exactly pull off the floral swim cap with the same amount of class as those ladies pictured, at least not to us grandkids!

Good luck with swimming lessons! Really, I mean it! I think I'm going to have nightmares tonight about trying to take twins and triplets to swim lessons... you are the WOMAN!

alli said...

I don't think I'd go for the swim cap, but why don't they make swimsuits like that today?? I'd definitely buy one!

Good luck with the swimming lessons!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I need a vintage style swim suit, stat!

I am with Angie...we need to bring hips back in style, because mine are making me soooo out of style.

Rebecca said...

I am so in on swim caps and bathing suits like much more feminine and elegant lounging by the pool in a beauty like that as opposed to seeing it all like today's suits...let's all get together and BRING THOSE BACK!!

☂niki. said...


i have a vintage swim cap of my own.

it made an appearance on my blog last summer when i purchased it and i intend to bring it back this summer, only in full functioning form.

i shall invite you and we can wear them together.

Jamie said...

Oh! Thank you so much for posting the link to the speedo cap. It is just what i have been looking for!

Debbie said...

Oh you should see some of the pictures of your grandma Vance in her swimwear and cap. She looked like one classy lady!!! Loved seeing those picture too.

Whitney said...

Um hello... can we go back in time? I absolutely love that swimwear. I say we buy swimsuits like that and then take pictures of ourselves and pose like those ladies. OR we buy swimsuits like that and then pretend we are movie stars and go swimming in mom and dads pool and do our strokes like movie stars would while someone takes pictures of us. HA HA. I think Ive gone crazy. whats my name again?

Shannon said...

Can I just tell you that I can sit here and remember the smell of my swim cap. It was super plasticy smelling......rubbery I guess. It was white and my swim teacher made us wear them. I hated it. I was scared to take swim lessons. I guess that's why I hated it. Am I weird? lol

But really swim caps are pretty. And they do keep hair out of the pool!

-Shannon in Austin
PS: I posted my "something" I was making for the kids birthday. ;)

Annie said...

Wow, you were on a good roll there with the daydreaming. I wanna come on the next daydream adventure. Let's meet in 1850 next time for an African Safari. :)
I can't believe you are putting all 5 in swim lessons. Please tell me they are on separate days. We're gonna start lessons too but I wouldn't dare doing both the same day.

Shari said...

All I can say is....You have got the style and You can pull it off! Although I would look TERRIBLE in a cap, I do believe it would a much easier upkeep than the poof in the AZ summer heat. If I swim cap, I'm going to have to add on several layers of doo-dahs to give it some height. You bring it back and I'll follow your lead in about 3 years. :~

Aimee's Family Journal said...

K! Might be silly, but the girl in the pink bathing suit with the balloons SO looks like LIZA to me.

Blair Friedeman said...

oh, wow! What a perfectly lovely post!!