Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We've been swingin' from the chandeliers @ our house lately......

Perhaps that means this is a cause to RAISE THE ROOFS.....{literally} so nobody can reach the chandelier.
Although come to think of it we should raise the roof the other way too because if you can't beat 'em just have a party instead.

I used to think I was so smart by moving the chairs away from kitchen table so no little gremlins could climb up on top. I've finally been out-smarted. UNCLE!!

Everything is ok though because look at this beautiful art that I just printed for free.  Found via Creature Comforts


Debbie said...

Get ready for the broken arms and legs,etc....I think they are coming!! I don't know how you do it all!!!! You amaze me.

christy said...

My son did this too! I think he was somwhere between 1 & 2, climbed on the table & started swinging on the chandy! I was horrified. By age 5 we have had two superman falls from the playground, a motorcycle crash & one back flip off the counter. Love him & his adventurous personality! :)