Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy happy....


We've had some of those lemony snicket's series of unfortunate events as of late.  I have not been a fan of dealing with most of these items but at the end of the day I've decided that the good still way outweighs the bad.  I especially was feeling very blessed as I observed my very healthy children sleeping away in their beds last night...and just like the good old days I wanted at least one of them to wake up so I could hold them.  Maybe I even picked one of them up and still held them as they slumbered away.

It's kind of strange but for the last five years a bout of anxiousness sets in around June.  About five years ago 3 little baby boys were extracted from my belly.  I think my body just remembers. It was hot that day.  I was really really uncomfortable.  I may have felt overwhelmed.  Feelings of guilt swept over me as I thought about my poor little 2 year olds who had been practically abandoned by their mother.  I really felt as if I had lost control of so many things.  I remember funny little things like wishing I could do my own dishes but not being allowed to (that sounds nice right about know having somebody else doing my dishes). There may have even been some complications involved.  It all has worked out though and I am so grateful for all of the lessons, growth and help rendered on my behalf because of the triplets.

So today I would like to break my blog silence with some really happy moments:

Birthday party with the worlds largest organ.
Lots of balloons
Lots of dress up
Lots of dance
Art camp
Lots of frozen treats
Oh and I finally got my painting...happy dance.  Have you seen how talented Jenny is?  Her paintings are awesome.

Let's touch base soon, ok??

Thursday, June 14, 2012

visual jackpot


Love these images from Nathan Schroder's portfolio. Such a nice treat of visual goodness.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012



I love it when you find unexpected items at unexpected places. A few examples from above.

A new line of spray paint in the coolest colors at Michaels (this one is sort of an expected place to find spray paint colors but I have looked for years to find a line of colors other than Krylon and close to mi casa.

One for him and one for me.  Why not buy a matching shirt in the little boys section at Wal-Mart....shhhh... it was only $9.96 but looks much more expensive.  Plus the color is a beautiful corally peach color.

A local grocery store (Fry's) apparently sells blue and white garden stools..very unexpected.  $29 to boot.  After seeing this home in House Beautiful I always feel there is a need for blue and white something.

My picture does nothing for the above floor lamp but I can assure you it is gorgeous in all of its chromed out faux bamboo glory.  I usually do not shop Pier One so the lamp came as a pleasant surprise.  It looks expensive and I think the lamp shade may have a subtle python pattern.

Who leaves Home Goods with only a pack of Jelly Bellys in hand?  I didn't even know Home Goods sold Jelly Bellys but they came in handy for a late afternoon pick me up.  Would you think I was a sicko if I liked the buttered popcorn flavor..everyone always seems to disapprove.

Little late but hope you had a great weekend!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Modern Desert Home {Vintage Palm Springs}


Mid century modern in Palm Springs doesn't fully embody what my cup of tea would be BUT I do have a solid amount of appreciation for Palm Springs circa 1962.  The above Abernathy home was built I believe in that very year and was designed by architect William F. Cody.  In more recent years the owners actually wanted to give the home an update so they hired architect Michael Haverland.  I'd say he did a great job and I love that the home decor has been updated but still looks true to that era.

Anybody else like iconic Palm Springs architecture and design?

{Above photos edited and scanned by me via Architectural Digest France} 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Have a Magical Thursday!! {Amanda Peet's Home Again}


I am still a fan of Amanda Peet's home.  I remember loving it in Domino and equally still loving it when I saw it on the pages of this months Vogue Magazine.  The space is making me want to find ways to have a magical day.   And you?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

If I needed dining chairs I may consider the above chairs featured on Joss & Main.  At approx. $55 a chair I would then lacquer them and reupholster them in a chic outdoor fabric.  I think the end result could give anyone a high end look without busting the bank.  Oh and just as a side note the above chairs can also be found on Overstock at double the price.  The above outdoor fabric is from here and trust me they have some great options.


Monday, June 4, 2012

{published} set design dreams & behind the scenes

securedownload-4 I really like to style things.

I have always wanted to design and style a set.  Really the only experience I have is in my head and my heart so when Michelle called me and asked if I wanted to partake in she and Alex's vision I told her to sign me up. I was given free creative reigns but was told to come up with more than a few different scenes.  The concept was a storefront with a mannequin-esque model showing off spring or summer fashion.  Most all of the props I made or they came from my home but I was racing to the store at the last minute to grab fresh flowers, floral napkins, some soda and and muffins.
How about a few more details..

The first scene that I dreamt up was floral pictures made into wallpaper.   I think peoples hand area may have gotten a work out from all of the stapling.


For this scene I just made a bunch of triangle thingys...3-D triangles, triangle confetti and of course a big board with some triangle art.  Had to be metallic gold involved.

STREAMERS....and colored paper.  This took the least work but I love the way it turned out.  My only instructions were that we layered the streamers to look kind of like a necklace.  Phew it worked.  Truth be known I had to leave in the middle of setting this scene up because the school nurse called.  When I came back instructions were fulfilled and I got to witness the model throwing streamers into the was the way isn't the model beautiful???

A few behind the scenes shots..literally..there are a lot of behind shots so beware of the hiney.


I hope I get invited back to play.  Between hair, make-up, wardrobe changes and set changes we were there from morning to late afternoon/early evening.  That doesn't even take into account the hours and hours of photo editing and the time it took for the submission process (go Michelle!)  The above would not have been possible without a whole team of awesome people.  Alex, who happens to be a wardrobe stylist has skills and you can actually read her perspective about the process right here.  Also Michelle the very talenetd photographer did a recap over here.

Thank you for letting me share.  It truly was a fun project.


photographer // Michelle Herrick //
wardrobe stylist // Alex Evjen //
model // Morgan Kaiser //
hair & make up // Brittany & Cami //
set design // Christina Brian //
photography assistant // Elizabeth Langford //
wardrobe provided by //

Meuse Magazine //