Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Here are some of my Earth Day contributions (besides helping to bring kids to live on this Earth).  Which don't we all get that Earth Day moment when we are born, I'm just sayin'.  Just don't tell the Earth day committee people that I said that though because they may accuse me of not being "Earth Friendly" by helping to over-populate the Earth.  Well hopefully I'll make up for that with some of my other ventures. 

How appropriate that I just picked up this vintage earth globe yesterday just for the occasion.  Ok not really for the occasion but it will be perfect in my boys room.

Isn't it Earth Day worthy to mention the below recent thrift store purchases?  I am recycling, right?

Nice vintage chair for hubbies office....so comfy. 

Finally got my prized vintage artichoke print framed.  With a little help from Dad (again)  & my trusty thrift stores we pulled this job off for a fraction of what the cost would normally be.  Seriously that frame is almost 4 ft. long.

This is how I use my dish soap.  Don't asked me why it is so Earth friendly except I saw something similar on Martha Stewart's 25 eco-chic ideas for your home found here.  

Finally my favorite way to celebrate Earth Day is to pick up some blooming branches.  I love these and they make me happy to live on Earth!

If this is what Earth Day really was all about, then I love it & would be perfectly fine with hosting Earth Day everyday.  Perhaps I'll do something bigger and much more serious next year for the big Earth celebration.  Hey at least I've already switched out all of my light bulbs to the more efficient ones.

 On a not so earthy side note, I finally started painting my laundry room.  I can't wait until it's all done.  Hopefully it will be real Priddy.

Ok and Martha, Martha, Martha if I really had my stuff together I would love to make your Earth Day craft you made on Monday.  

Seriously look how cute this cardbox stove/oven is.

Have a great Earth Day!!


Debbie said...

you should have mentioned that the artichoke picture was a large 24X36 sized print. It's hard to tell how big it is in your picture but the size makes the price all the more impressive!! Happy earth day to you.

Natalie Hall said...

You absolutely kill me with you finds!!!! Happy Earth and purchases day to you, my darling....

Got your message, and lets get on it.. I am always up for anything. Even sitting in your drive way is fun for me....

sherry said...

These are FABULOUS Earth day contributions! I have been looking for the perfect globe for Mitchell's room forever, where did you get yours? And I love the leather chair! You will have to tkae me along on your thrift store extravaganza some time. By the way, a friend accused me of being all "Christina" when she saw my "Spring" garland . I took it as the compliment she meant it to be, and was so flattered!

Amanda said...

I adore all your thrift store finds - i really could use a tutorial from you sometime. Are there any good thrift stores here in Utah?

Stacey Crewse said...

Looking good, looking good, looking good! You amaze me! Great deals....Great finds...and I love the paint!!!! I want to come over right now :)

Aislinn said...

you SERIOUSLY got that chair for $17? SERIOUSLY???? Let's play 20 questions now.

Are we talking like DI, salvation army thrift store?

How often do you go? Do you go right when they open? Do you have someone on the "inside" that alerts you to these items? Are you just LUCKY? I CANNOT believe that chair bargain. The frame too.

☂niki. said...

love your thrift store finds! especially that leather chair!! you're a great diy'er

Annie said...

I'm still loving that artichoke print. So fitting for a ex-NorCal loving couple.

That globe is sooo cool. I totally love it.

You've got so many projects going on it's no wonder the boys are hanging from the lights...whooohoo!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I love the artichoke print! Soooooo chic!