Friday, August 28, 2009

recycled playhouse

You know how sometimes you just like somebody in a instant...well that is how I feel about Kellie from This Blessed Nest.  Who wouldn't like somebody who makes cute things like a recycled playhouse for their kids.  For instructions go here.  

Oh and scroll down a bit to see what she made for her twins birthday.


Completely inspired by clusters at the moment. I feel something coming on & I hope to complete it this weekend.


{Full House}

A great weekend to all!

{stencils contd.}

How To:

*Go to Costco and buy and brand new pack of Muenster cheese that wasn't cheap

*Turn back to the girls while putting boys to bed

*Find cheese plastered to chalkboard with girls who are excited to show off their project

*Now observe the new beautiful star cut outs that can now be used as stencils

Really though, when the girls came to get me to come look @ what they had done, they were so proud. They said, "Mommy we have made something that will say we love you so much". They also made a statement saying that they hoped to make me laugh. I'd say it sort of worked. What little crafters.

Now these are what I call cheesy stencils .

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I was really inspired when I saw the above floors done by Emily & her husband.  Believe it or not but Emily used a stencil and a little paint to accomplish the above work of art.  Didn't it turn out just beautiful?  Emily also is the author a a great blog called Wide Open's one of my faves so go check it out here.  

I always had in my head that stencils were only used in the 80's to create works of art that included apples and ducks on a wall.  Wow, was I wrong because after persuing some of the stencils that are offered theses days it made me consider using them for a project somewhere down the line...way down the line actually but here are a few of my favorites anyway.

Has anybody else out there completed any projects using stencils?

{hole in one}

Does anybody else have a putting green (that's really dark brown) in the middle of their kitchen?

Well with all of the above prospects, I pretty sure my chances @ a hole in one are pretty high.

***We are going to get it fixed very soon because of the hazardous properties the hole presents. & currently we do not have any workman's comp offered @ Full House***

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A quick & easy creative..Hello Kitty made me do it.

Man being a parent requires so much creativity. Not just the kind of creativity that is well thought out but also the kind that has to come quickly.  

I wonder how many times I say "NO" in a whole day. Actually I don't think I want to know because it wouldn't be pretty. 

Today I glanced quickly over @ Hello Kitty sitting so calmly on top of the chalkboard after I had just hollered to the girls to come @ eat their food for the twentieth gazillenth time.   It was then & there that I decided to recruit Hello Kitty to take over as "Mom".  Out of desperation I finally yelled out, "Girls, Hello Kitty said you need to come over to eat lunch".  Well to preface a bit, Hello Kitty isn't a normal visitor in our home but she came over late last night after a trip to Wal-Mart to help Momma get the girls to listen & obey, if you know what I mean.   I told them that they had to work to get Hello Kitty to come down & if by Friday they were good girls then they could have the Pez.  Of course their ears perked up when I mentioned Hello Kitty in the whole come over & eat jargon (I only use the word jargon because clearly to the girls my language is just pure gibberish).  Anyway Hello Kitty continued to make all sorts of appearances & used me as her translator.  Together we said things like, "Hello Kitty says no" or "Hello Kittty thinks it is time to now take a nap".   It was so nice to put some of the "mom mantle" on that cute little cat with a bow in her hair.  If this continues to keep working Hello Kitty has a permanent place to stay, I say.  Now if I could only teach her to change diapers, cook & fill up cups & sippies all day then we would be set.
Want to see what else Hello Kitty made me do.....

well she made me buy a white t-shirt for $5.00 last night because it seemed liked a nice shirt to add the fun beaded thing to.  You see after I saw a few of the beaded shirts at J. Crew & being as cheap as I am I couldn't resist this little project.  Now I won't be as upset when Manny, Moe or Jack rips the beads off & then I will think to myself, "I'm sure glad I didn't fork over the $125 for that beaded shirt I fancied so".  

This little craft goes down in the record book as the quickest & easiest one ever.  Remember the little field trip I went on a few weeks ago with my friend to one of my favorite places?  Well it is called SAS fabrics by the pound and I picked that beaded thing up for a whole dollar.

Ok not quite the same but who cares mine was $6.00 & now I think I will go look for some more embellishments because that is what Hello Kitty would want.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Connecting the color pink with pineapples & adversity

Adversity comes in all shapes & sizes I've found.  Why is it one day I can handle the same exact piece of adversity with ease & grace and then the next like a total train wreck?  When I read the following I had a change of perspective.

"Live in Thanksgiving daily,regardless of adversity. If we will consider the blessings we have, we will forget some of our worries."-Elder Wirthlin

Some kid that lives in my home has completely adapted the "do opposite of what Mom tells them to do policy".  Perhaps some have heard of this policy around their very own homes.  Yesterday she took that very same policy out of the home & into preschool.  Apparently her teacher told her to stop inking herself up with the rubber stamps only to turn around and find that she had decorated her whole body from head to toe after she told her not to.  This little bout of adversity is only a mere ounce when weighed on the adversity scale but still she is testing my patience big time.  Then the above quote flashed through my brain & I thought about how that very same preschool teacher also said how much she loved my little girl because she is a ball full of energy and lit up a room whenever she came in.  "That's it" I thought, no more worrying that this little stage of hers will be here forever.  I am going to give thanks for her right this very second for all of the reasons she blesses our home.  She really is quite a joy.  I never knew how much a four year old could make me laugh.  Have I ever mentioned that day Bacca came over and was teasing her & she responded by saying, "easy big fellow".  Easy big fellow, really?  Yes true story & I guess his 6 ft. 5 in. frame isn't very petite.  Anyway I've thought about her strengths and how she is friends with everybody & is so welcoming and has already developed into quite the hostess.
The above baggy may look like any old ordinary baggy full of random snacks but to me it is so much more.  Little sister filled it up so that she could give it to her new friend at school.  Of course her new little friend will like it.  Doesn't it look so delicious?

Speaking of delicious, pineapples are delicious & did you notice the brass pineapples in the above photos?  The pineapple has been a universal symbol of hospitality and welcome for many centuries all over the world so it is so fitting that she loves to play with them.  

Uh oh here it goes again...I feel a design connection coming on....

First thought,  Doesn't Rubie Green offer a pineapple fabric...of course they do...

Second connecting thought...speaking of Rubie Green, their pink zig zag fabric is sort of scrumptious.....

kind of like the pink zig zag in the post on decor8.  Not only do I love pink zig zag but I really love Color Me Pretty's interpertation of pink, melon & black....

Hmmm still thinking pink..... so why not think about how I love this little girls play room with all of the dress up.

And finally I wouldn't mind a  CLEAN workspace that was inspired by pink to make a bunch of projects happen.....

Oh and my little girls favorite color is pink so all of the above is making me so happy.  Here's to adversity, just a little bit.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dear Whitney,

Pls. take good care of my 2 green chairs that are so beautiful & really are a much prettier green in person than the green that was captured on the cell phone camera.  I wonder if husband will like them even though I still haven't told him about them yet.  I promise to come & get them really soon, unlike the other 4 chairs, lamp, coffee table & settee.  I thought as I drove away the other day that I may have a problem & should halt all collecting furniture & other what nots until further notice.  I love you love me still?

Thank you for your patience.


The sister who has two really cool green chairs

P.S. - I think you are really pretty

Hi Green!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ok so I started decorating the girls bedroom over 2 years ago but have never finished. I am determined to do so. I have always been a fan of shades of coral & pink so I ended up painting an accent wall in the girls room a rich coraly pink color. When I saw the below room designed by none other than Kelly Wearstler it went straight to the inspiration file. I love those colors.

Then on Sat. I scored big time because I was able to have a girls day out to shop the 50% off day @ Goodwill.  I was so excited to find the below books.  Not only do they look beautiful they are packed full of fun stories to read to the girls.  I am recommitted to add all of the finishing touches so that I can place a big fat check mark next to the 2 year old project.

Of course my fun shopping date & I couldn't resist trying on a bunch of old hats.  What's the deal with old hats...either my HeEd is muy grande or they used to have smaller heads back in the day.  One thing is for sure though, it doesn't matter how old I get there is something about getting together with girlfriends that makes me feel so young & giddy.  I've said it before but if anybody wants a thrifting partner call me....any excuse to go.  

Half way done with making some little hair accessories.  

This little one had to have feathers on hers.

Wow lots of pink girliness every where.  I feel fine about that too.

Here's to a productive rest of the week.