Sunday, April 5, 2009

Equal opportunity Mom

Just for the record I am an equal opportunity Mother.  It seems little "M" may get more play time than big "M" but I've been known to throw a little extra cereal and treats into Big "M's" snacky bags, in hopes to even things out.

Well Big "M" told one of her brothers to, "pronto la vista" the other day because she probably hears me ramble off made up phrases in other languages quite a bit (again just trying to be an equal opportunity Mother who employs my children:).  Even though big "M" probably doesn't know that my phrases in other languages don't even make sense, she apparently does understand the overall objective of saying "pronto la vista" because she used it in the same context that I do.  Usually I say it to corral kiddies from one room to another room in a big hurry.  "Pronto la vista, pronto la vista!"  Good thing they all seem to understand my language.  

Well this weekend I rode on the carousel with the boys and I watched things pass us by as we went round and round all while we were spinning.  After we got off the ride it made me compare it to the last couple of years.  I just knew life was going to pass me by very quickly all while my head was probably going to be spinning.  For the most part that has been true so that is why this week I am going to slow things down.  No more hurryness and no more pronto anything.  Each child will be equally my favorite child even if it is for only minutes at a time.  

I'm going to be an equal opportunity time making mother machine.
{I think I can say the above especially after hearing some of the the most uplifting words that I feel so blessed to hear twice a year.  As always there were some really good talks that made me feel like I can do great things}

Now hopefully I will still be able to squeeze enough time to use my sweet wallpaper I scored @ Goodwill. Seriously it's older wallpaper made by Schumacher. Who would have thought you could buy this kind of wallpaper at the thrift store for $3.oo a roll? Actually here's a sneak peak @ all of the below treasures I scored with the wallpaper, even the fabric. Gosh it's fun to be thrifty, now let's just see if I can pull this off with my laundry room makeover.

Anybody know how to wallpaper?

P.S. - Somebody asked me if they could still comment on the give-away post. Comment away until Tuesday morning because that's when the name will be picked. Have a great week!! 


Erin said...

Very cute score with the wallpaper! I'm so indecisive with things, I fear making it to permanent and then by the time it's up, I'll change my mind again. Your pronto la vista cracked me up. Hilarious. Can't wait to see the laundry room! :)

Shannon said...

Oh my! What treasures. I keep tellin' people about Goodwill, Dollar Store and Salvation Army (new one just opened down the street!) but people look at me funny. Oh well. Those plates are divine! And I love the wall paper. Is that a Bingo ball holder? How sweet!
I didn't find any treasures this weekend but bet I'll be on the prowl this week/end. I did start new pillow cases for the kids...names and whatnots on them.
Have a great week!
Shannon in Austin

Shannon said...

oh and wallpaper is not my cup of tea, but I bet it can be yours! Just take your time.

have a lovely said...

such cuteness!!! ...your family, your blog, your witty writing...just lovely!!! glad to have found your little bright spot on the web!

what a fantastic score on these treasures!!

Unknown said...

I love that wallpaper! And those plates are too cute. I'm excited to see your laundry room. I bet it will be darling!

Laura said...

You had me CRACKING UP with your pronto la vista! HILARIOUS!!

Love your blog!

Jami said...

you are a very good thrifter! Good luck with becoming a equal opportunity mom. I am sure that you don't give yourself enough credit.

Debbie said...

What a fun carossel!!! Those are the best, unless you are Bakka and can't resist the teacups but get horribly ill afterwards!
As to the laundry room...I have no doubt that it will come out fabulous. Everything you touch has a way of doing that!!

Annie said...

Well Mrs. Equal Opportunity, I'm glad to know...que typo de trabajo esta buscando? You forgot to mention where you get your random, doesn't make a lot of sense, Spanish...Daddy-o...pronto la vista!
You are darling on the ride with the boys by the way...priceless, truly priceless.
And yes, you scored big time with the wallpaper and other goodies. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Aislinn said...

love your analogy of life passing by quickly...the photo is perfect for that!

P.S. love your outfit.