Friday, January 29, 2010

{Thank-you Mr. Mailman and Mr. Craigslist}

What happens when a white cowhide rug that I was going to order a couple years ago finally gets delivered to my house?

It makes me motivated to finish the project of decorating the front entry/room.

It even made me want to change the room around a bit & add 3 lamps that I just picked up @ the thrift stores. As I sat there late last night observing the room, I realized that besides a few things, everything in the room had been thrifted and all had a story. Well actually the chrome faux bamboo tables came from Craigslist a few years back but weren't without a story. You see I started searching other cities that my sisters might live in. When I spotted the tables on Portland's Craigslist I knew they were mine. The only problem was who was going to pick them up...well sister of course and at least the tables weren't large like the faux bamboo dining chairs I had just persued there. She was such a sport and so was her husband as he packed them onto the plane....without the glass of course. She didn't even try to judge my craziness as I was still riding on the ticket that said, "Be easy on me I just had triplets". That's when a flood of memories came pouring in. I remembered that I was suppose to write the guy that started Craigslist a thank-you card because he provided so much for me in my life a few months after the boys were born when I felt stuck in the house but didn't want to take them out in public yet. We would drive all accross the Valley, everyone in tow. That was when I realized that there was so much I didn't know about the Valley. Craigslist helped me to feel free and not so stuck. The only problem was I dragged my Dad's truck into the scenario more than not. So today thank you Dad, sister, sister's husband & Craiglist. I have many items to prove that I benefited from your services.

AND it's BACK..didn't last long.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

shop update...

It truly does my heart good to see people wearing the creations that I made from my two little hands.  Creating things has always been good therapy for me.  Thank you so much to all that have supported me in my little items of business.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

To Kellie:  Could your hair make that hair piece look any better?  You make me smile.

To Caroline:  I love the way you clip the flower onto your necklace and make it look so beautiful.

{via wanderingsofawannabe}

Finally I have posted a few new items. Just click on the Madame Pumphrey link to the right.

Have a great day!

Brad Ford

Named by Traditional Home as one of the top 20 designers to watch, Brad Ford is watch worthy. Head over to his portfolio to see more great photos. I love the way he works with so many natural & raw elements such as plants and wood, all infused into his refined style. I think I need a woodem stump now.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

spice of life

Note to husband:

Just so you know, I would make you something to make your belly happy if you had these chic spices sent to our home.

Note to self:

It would be really cute if I gave out cookies like the below in little packaging all stitched up.

All of the above can be done in a nice white kitchen with a huge bouquet of flowers.  

{1st via Dean and Deluca, 2nd via Martha Stewart}

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Laura Rae Designs

If you have ever wanted really big letters to hang in your house then hurry and head over to Laura's blog for a fun give away. These letters retail for $75 and are 42 inches or 3 1/2 feet tall. What an impact they would make. Laura is so she lives in Oregon pretty close to my sister which makes her even that much more AWESOME.  Blogging friends are the best.  go check our Laura's giveaway on her blog here.

If I were to have a letter hanging my home I would try to find old arms from a chair and make parenthesis like in the below bedroom.

{photo via designsponge}

Madame Pumphrey sneak peak

Just wanted to share a sneak peak of what is about to be served up in the Madame Pumphrey shop.

I think I said the shop would be taken off vacation mode like 3 weeks ago.  Ooops.

crowns for your crown {crown headband tutorial}

Want to make a crown?  Perhaps for a little girls birthday party or just because...
They would make cute cheap party favors too.

Just start out with some lace pieces.  There is a great tutorial here.  I actually switched mine up because I couldn't find the gold leafing powder that it called for and I made some into a headband.  There is a gold leafing liquid located by all of the leafing supplies @ either Micheals or JoAnns.  Really all you will need are paintbrushes, wax paper, modge podge, gold acrylic paint and the gold leafing paint (gold leafing paint really gives the crown a metallic finish).

Place the lace on the wax paper.  Then paint it with the acrylic paint.  After it has dried on both sides, then Modge Podge it.  You will want to apply at least a few coats & fully saturate.  After it  is dry then bust out the gold leafing liquid and apply.  Once dried you can attach some ribbon with heavy duty craft glue and some of the velcro circles to help keep the crown in place.
(the hard side of the velcro, not the soft circles)

Also I didn't use the gold leafing on the back of this crown but in my opinion they look better if you do.

Ta duh, now you've got yourself a crown headband.  Go wild!

If you really want to have control, then may I suggest wearing a crown around the home.  After you put it on act very serious so that everybody knows you mean business.  It works.  I put it on & the kids busted out in song and it went something like, "Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up"  All while I sat on the couch and read a book.  It was magical.  Now just don't try to come over to my home to see if it really did work because I would hate to disappoint.  Ha!

In all reality the girls love their crowns.
Thank you to the bitterbetty blog for the idea.

Monday, January 25, 2010

{inspiration for boys room}

Some things are necessary like the advancement of growing boys into big
boy beds.

I will miss coming to get the boys out of their cribs and the angelic 
feeling that their little baby room has.

Moving onward though. The following are rooms that I find inspiring to
put the new room together.

Dearest Darling Caitlin..

What do you think about the above photos? I'm thinking that since you found me the below pillow that you should continue to help me with your magic skills.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

{crumb bum coffee cake}

Sometimes when I am stressed I take myself to a very happy land of pink tufted banquettes, herbal tea & sour cream coffee cake.
For some odd reason a schreechy squeely little voice usually always wakes me up from my little daydreams.

Then I really do make coffee cake except I don't eat it on pink tufted banquette seats.
I'm still content though.
Even if I am sitting on the floor with five little doggies.
Now the crumbs won't hit the floor as hard.
Less distance to fall.

Speaking of crumbs....
If husband were to be gone a 3rd weekend in a row I would have to revert to saying "crumb bum" I did when I was a kid and something didn't go my way.

Husband is home now and all is well.
2 weekends alone is torture.

"Oh crumb bum". (that one was for you sissy)

For coffee cake recipe go here.

source of top photo unknown

Thursday, January 21, 2010

{vote for the Edster}

I truly apologize in advance to all of those that have seen this but if you haven't pls. read on...

Who is a fan of Elle Decor...I know I am. Who is a fan of Eddie Ross...I know I am. Don't know who he is you say? That's ok because now is your chance. Get ready to be inspired. Most of the blog world who are design obsessed already have been inspired.

Eddie took on the Elle Decor name and in its fashion crafted & styled a beautifully decorated window display for a competition @ Bloomingdales in NYC. What I really loved was that you could feel his passion while reading the description of the image he was trying to create. Go here to see for yourself.

While you're @ it you would make Eddie's day if you casted your vote everyday, twice a day until the contest ends. Go here for the details.

Good Luck Eddie in my humble opinion you deserve to win.

P.S. - Did you gold leaf that lamp shade?

{photos by Addie Juell}

{Home Sweet Home Alabama}

I love this space because it is rustic infused with hints of glamour. I think that Richard Norris and Mark Leslie did a very good job @ mixing antiques with mid-century modern pieces.  Sweet Home Alabama indeed.

For more info and pictures go here.