Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happiness found in fullness & emptiness.

How could two of the very most opposite things both be two of my most favorite things this weekend?

No kids this weekend=HAPPINESS
Subject matter #1 - Completely happy swinging my arms with nothing in them. That's right freedom from carrying children & freedom from pushing strollers because my arms were empty.

Coming home to kids in my arms=HAPPINESS
Subject matter #2 - Completely happy because when I arrived home my arms were full of children. Really that was such a great feeling to come home and fill my arms back up after being gone a few days. 

So you see I like both having my arms full as well as having them empty.

Mom, look you must have payed your still get to hang out with us and have empty swingin arms at the same time:-) As you can see I borrowed some photos because I'm not to sure when I will get my camera charger back....hopefully soon...hint, hint, Mary.

Sure missed you Annie. Look at you just hanging out on a bench in Korea.  You're pretty good at that if I might add.  Kisses!!  There's always next year.


Debbie said...

Makes the statements in the B of M more meaningful doesn't it, where it says that there must be opposition in all things in order for you to prize the good. Arms full and arms empty can't fully be appreciated unless you can do both occasionally!!

☂niki. said...

so true!

looks like you had the best of both worlds.

Hayley Fraser said...

Wow...what a beautiful family. I can totally relate to this post. We've been lucky enough to have the past few weekends to ourselves and the peace is a luxury I savor. But I'm always glad to hear my little bubby come through the door. Looks like a fun trip! What were you girls up to? Where?

Nichols Family said...

AHHHH! I was there too! I wish I could've seen you! I think I saw all of AZ there. I love the pic of you and your mom and your 2 sisters. Can I put it in my blog book?

-Jennie N.

Annie said...

Thanks for the cameo. I feel like I was almost there now. :) I'm so glad you were able to enjoy the weekend without kiddos. We all know how a little break makes us love our kids even more.

Liza said...

Oh good time! I talked to Mary and she got your address from me either yesterday or the day before, so your camera charger should be on it's way! Hooray! I can't wait to see the pictures that you got.

Natalie Hall said...

You guys had a blast! It make me so happy to see you on a trip... So deserving. Cutest girls walking down the street.

paula said...

umm, triplets plus two others and you look like that, wow! you may be my hero:)