Friday, April 10, 2009

Fridays are good to us and a GOOD FRIDAY to you.

Fridays are still good even if it is starting to get brighter even earlier and kids want to get out of bed really, really early and play. Notice the hats, mittens and shoe combos on the girls this morning. I love to see things unfold from thought patterns of four year olds, it's so much fun. 

With the exception of Christmas Eve, usually one doesn't need winter hats or gloves in these neck of the woods but I didn't want to spoil the girls fun.

Well usually Fridays are good to our family. It's probably because nobody has a schedule to go to preschool and we are free to go on outings at our leisure. Also Friday is the day I have access to Kelsea and she is one cool cat. She came on our last Friday outing to McCormick park. Oh and she knows how to work a camera. Note to self: If boys are feeling sad just let them ride on the train ride because it will turn their frowns upside down but don't let the below picture fool you.

Remember the last ride on the carousel where I was thinking about how quickly time has flown by all while my head was spinning?

Well that proof manifested itself as I found a bunch of cards with money and stuff in them from almost a year ago.  Seriously had no idea I was even missing something.  I must of came home from the boys 1st birthday bash and just put the cards away.  Well apparently that thought went in and out because I completely forgot about them and here we are a year later.  One thing I did not forget was how I was so overwhelmed by the kindness that was shown to our family that day by the sweet ladies from my church family.  Yes tears found a way into my eyes again as I was reminded of the love people have given to out family.

Well you know how I said Fridays are good to our family...Well I thought it was perfect topic as today really is GOOD FRIDAY.  What a special day and week as we celebrate & focus on our Savior.

Today I am going to make these with my girls in hopes to give them the real meaning of this Easter season.  I came across this brilliant idea on the Fly through my Window blog and couldn't help but share.



Busy Bee Lauren said...

This post was darling. What cute pictures! And how fun you can spend the entire day together.

Mary said...

Those are some cute pictures! The one of Maren is really cute! And the one where Maren and Maile are riding around with their winter apparel is funny! I love how Maile has two different shoes on and they both are for the left foot.

Laura said...

What a fun day you guys had!! I'm jealous of your incredible weather! We are still getting a lot of rain in our neck of the woods...

And the cookies - what a great idea!!

Happy Easter!

Courtney Vance said...

I could use those hats and mittens up here. Won't need them this time next week though. Can't wait to see you guys!

LSWright said...

What a GOOD Friday! Your kids are just adorable! I have done that before with birthday cards! It's so much more fun when you find money in them a year later cuz it's so unexpected! haha

ps. I work for Dr. Hansen, but I am only temp while my sister Sandi was on Maternity leave..