Tuesday, February 18, 2014

{pendant lights} I almost forgot how to blog

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Dearest friends, I understand it's been a very very long time. I know there is no need for explanations but I've been pondering a few things...like how and if writing here can compliment some of my other ventures.  Life is too short..which means I've got to shimmy and readjust those things that will help me feel efficient and purposeful...that is the angle I think will work best pressing forward.  Anyway not to bore you.  How are you all?  It's been fun to keep track of some of you all on my Instagram.  Speaking of Instagram I shared my new pendant lights and had a few inquires as to where I purchased them so how about I just put it out there.  Originally when I set out to get lighting for the space I immediately thought that I wanted something like the Urban Electric Globus pendant but the price point was a deterrent.

Here is what the inspiration pendants look like:

 photo globe1_zpsae826333.jpg

I then sourced globe after globe pendant and happened upon the below half frosted half clear globe which happens to be from a to the trade lamp parts store  If that is not an option then they can also be purchased at the retail price here.  Finding these were a major stepping stone to completing the pendant scenario.  And what did you know the glass globes were even 12 inches in diameter (I didn't want anything smaller).  The next step was either build the fixture from scratch or buy a fixture that was already assembled with a 6" fitter.  I gave up my dreams of making one from scratch when I noticed that the Harding fixture from School House Electric was on sale.  Once I picked out the natural brass finish we were in business.

 photo globe_zps3e05bcc1.jpg

One more picture:

 photo 787e1cca-0221-4529-ad92-b388725efa51_zps3a5b1948.png

It's coming along.  I love love how custom the pendants turned out.  Now onto picking out the hood and that backsplash.  I think I'm onto something.

Thank you so much for all of the love and support.