Tuesday, January 29, 2013

All squished together (DIY hardware)


Oh hey!! How are ya???

So you know how I am renovating a home?? And you know how I have triplet boys that came into the world all squished together?? Well you can't all of a sudden just unsquish them when me their Mom has to keep a close watchful eye on them hooligans. Which only meant that the best option was the room right next to my bedroom. Don't worry the previous owners had that room sound proofed..they really did. Interestingly enough it is the only room in the home that they had sound proofed and they didn't even have kids..weird but it made for a win win situation for me and the noisies. So the boys new room isn't actually all that big but it did have one wall that was about 15 feet long. It all was coming together...3 boys..a smallish room...built in bunk beds. It sounded so efficient so we went with it. The estimate to build the bed was doable..especially after I presented the plan to my husband as being cheaper than buying 3 new beds..let's be honest though I withheld the IKEA bed plan this time and may have embellished a titch..no worries though I was on a mission of love and comfort for my boys...always boys first me second;) Who cares about design and a Pinterest dream anyway???

Hey at least I made the hardware on their beds a DIYer. Apparently I am not the only one who makes things out of plumbing parts because after I posted a picture of the hardware on Instagram a few of my design buddies chimed in to let me know that that had used the same concept for their curtain rods.


In case you are interested here are the materials needed to make the hardware:

1 - 12" black iron pipe
3 - 3/8" galvanized floor flange
3 - 3/8" 90-degree black iron street elbow fitting

I wanted mine to look like brass so I use the above Rust-oleum metallic spray paint in the brass finish (it has the best color)

{resources - builder of the bed Jason Millar (all you locals need to call him because he is so good and can build anything..leave me a comment and I'll give you his contact info)/// color of bed Benjamin Moore "Little Falls"///lights from here}

P.S. - So far the only thing I would have changed or better planned out are the depth of the stairs between the bed.  I'm currently trying to devise a plan on how to execute the best bedding plan so I don't go crazy making or having the boys make their beds every day.  Making the beds on bunkbeds is not always ideal.