Monday, September 29, 2008

Zoo Excursion








We love going to the zoo. The kids had so much fun playing in the new water play area they just opened there. It even has water caves the kids can go into.

Warning: If the water place is busy, you just may go crazy trying to keep tabs on children that "seem" to get lost every 10 seconds. :-)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Connecting turquoise & red with what I'm thinking about @ this moment.

Sweet picture my sister took in Korea. I love the turquoise & red colors. Looks like Korea will be in her life for an extra year. Glad she can have a little more stability and be with her sugar but I'm really feeling sad I will not see her as much.

So many unfinished projects..I have the above tear sheet that inspired the look of my laundry room. Love the turquoise and red. Maybe in ten years I'll get to it. At least I already have the rug.

Can't stop thinking about Stephanie. I hope she can see a picture of this doll really soon. What a treasure and truly a work of art. Christine was the artist and maker of this doll over @ Du Bah Du Designs.

So the Mr. practically kicked me out this weekend. He said something about me needing a break(I have no idea what he is talking about). I was this close to leaving on a jet plane. Maybe I will have my Bon Voyage next weekend or the weekend after or the weekend after that. Anybody notice the Heber Creeper? I bet fall is in full force in those neck of the woods. Maybe I'll go up there to see in person.
pictures via Coco+Kelley
top right & bottom photo by
John Dolan

This final image takes the cake and is my very favorite of them all with the turquoise hawaiian water and little girl in her red bathing suit. The picture reminds me of a sweet little girl Maile.....

Once upon a time the Mr. & Mrs. went to Hawaii. They had no kids and wondered if that would ever be a possibility. They had tried for years. While over there they stayed in Old Laihana & while driving the Mrs. looked up & saw the word MAILE. Mrs. Wifey turned to Mr. Hubby and told him that was going to be their daughters name. Hubby told wifey that she better find out what it meant and how it was pronounced first. Wifey went straight for the first local she could see so that she could inquire about the name. That local happened to be much more senior than she. After wifey asked the lady, she replied, "Oh Maile, very rare and hard to come by". Followed by the literal meaning, which happens to be a plant or vine that has shiny fragrant leaves and is used for decorations and leis, especially on important occasions such as weddings. It will only grow on the cool dry parts of the islands (which are hard to find in Hawaii). Having kids hadn't worked out for what the couple thought was supposed to be their timeline but after leaving the islands, they pretty much thought it was going to happen soon. Truly a gift for the couple. When the couple found out they were pregnant with twin girls @ 15 weeks, the hubby asked, "well which one is Maile?" Without hesitation wifey told him Maile will be the second one born. The Mrs. or "Wifey" finally did make the transition to Momma a couple years later. Since Maile's (they prounounce as My-Lee) debut, she has been one of a kind and a huge jewel in her Momma's treasure box. She also just may be rare and hard to come by @ times. Interestingly enough Maile also really loves water. I mean really loves water. The fact that it was 50 degrees and windy last time the family went to the beach didn't slow her down one bit. Her petite bones outlasted all of them that day. Maile also won her Momma in a battle of wits in the tub today. She knows she is supposed to keep the water in the tub. Momma walked out for a moment only to return with water all over the floor. Maile was taking the cup filling it up and then dumping it out. Poor Momma got a little upset and asked why she would do such a thing. Her response, "Momma I was just practicing on how to get out of a canal in case I fell in". Momma sure wished she could get into her little girl's brain & simply couldn't be mad @ her little jewel after that. Maile remains to melt her parents heart.

The end.

Little Maile

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Must learn to sew...

I love these images!! I would jump for joy like these kids if I could sew things like those outfits (or had tons of extra money to burn to buy all of them). Anyway I feel that sewing is kind of a lost art. When I get some spare time I need to find me a good sewing teacher so that I do not have to bug me momma with all of my projects. Which means either way I am going to be bugging you Mom.
Anybody else feeling thrifty these days?
Images via J.Crew

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Adventures in shopping...

I really don't mind cooking. I just mind coming up with the recipe and then going to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients. Speaking of managing my home and making sure we have provisions to man the troops..... "Do not bring all of the crew @ the same time to the grocery store." However, I do have to say we did provide the entertainment to all of the onlookers at Trader Joe's the other day. At first I thought everybody had big eyes because they were afraid my girls were going to hit them at full force with their mini me carts. Then it dawned on me, their staring at me because I looked like the parade in Loa, UT on the 4th of July. All I had to do was go up and down a couple of isles and call it a parade. They only have like 5 floats in that parade up there in the pride of Wayne County and just in case you miss it they turn around and come back one more time. Finally people started coming over to confirm if what they saw was true by asking, "Um are those all of your kids?" Followed by, "Wow you are very brave lady", which computes to you are a very crazy lady. The word spread like wildfire and before I knew it I was in the middle of a huddle with many more follow up questions. To me I was thinking what's the big deal. I guess you don't see such a sight on a daily basis but please if you really want to see something fun check out my friend with quintuplets, she is much more entertaining. By the time we were almost through we had only one cart tipping incident on the cereal isle, two extra items that had been smuggled & I had only been hit three times in the ankle by mini Me's cart. We finally arrive at the check out & I see that we were in chatty cashier guy's lane. I thought to myself, try hard to act natural because it's no fun to talk to a frazzled Momma. I took a deep breath, for I was almost out of the woods. But wait, how am I going to get the groceries out to the car? Chatty cashier guy came through and called the nicest girl to help me out to the car and he even said when we were leaving, "Wow, I'm really surprised by how well your kids behaved". Yes, I made it and with all things considered it was a success but I'll be glad to go by myself next time. After all, I get to experience this type of entertainment on a daily basis.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Took a walk today. See the new backpacks Dad bought for the girls? Way too big. Makes the girls look smaller than they are and I think I like that. Besides Daddy thinks the girls will have these backpacks until they graduate....when do I break the news?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's on the brain...bad market but happy home.

Even though I am so far removed from my old life working for Goldman Sachs I just can't get what's going on in the market off my brain. I am thinking about all of my friends that I left in the CA & UT offices. What are they thinking and feeling right now with all of this turmoil in the banking industry? An old co-worker said that the big boss in SLC compared this situation to a boxing match. You have your competitor, you want to win and come up on top but when you finally knock 'em out you feel really bad. Not a good thing going on right now, with all the big competitors in the industry going away right & left. There is an article here by Glenn Beck that helps those who are unfamiliar with what's going on. Glenn compares the situation with Tickle Me Elmo (something that I do know all of us understand). Really when it boils down to it, greed combined with many other components has gotten us where we are on both of the bankers and the consumer end (oh and don't forget the gov't.). When I first started working for Goldman Sachs we were experiencing some prosperous times coming out of a fruitful IPO season in the Bay area. I mean really to keep up with all of the other thriving companies Goldman offered fully catered hot breakfast and lunches and if I craved Sushi rolls in between they too were available for snacks. Then came a little disturbance here and there and finally Sept. 11th. It has been a roller coaster & more than not, volatility has been the theme ever since. This situation that we have on hand has been noted as the worst wall street disaster since the 1930's. Good old Treasury Secretary Henry Paulsen is proposing this. I'm not to sure how these problems are going to be fixed. I do know that we as a people really need to re-adjust our principles. As my Dad put it, "Things can always get worse". We can only do our best and not fear. If I remember correctly, the purpose on this earth doesn't have anything to do with money, right? Until late we haven't experienced too much disaster or change. These experiences again just remind us how quickly things can be shaken up.

There are many parallels to His plan that have come to mind when I have thought about the happenings in the market. Maren said in her prayer this morning, "Please help us to not fall off the road". I don't know where she got that but I thought what she prayed for was perfect. I hope that my children know that there is no easy bailout but if they do fall off they can put the plan into action and get right back on that road. I also hope the picture below is how my children will feel as they go through all of the stages of life. I hope they soar high. Maybe all of the problems on Wall street would be solved if they wore a tie like Bridger Baby:-)


On a lighter note one of my favorite designers is even considering the downturn. Read here.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I love Sundays!!



I love Sundays!! They are my absolute favorite day of the week. I especially love to go to church. We are always on time and are never in the hall. My children are the biggest angels ALIVE!! M & M never fight or cry. None of my kids ever get kicked out of primary, in which I should even mention that they got to move out of nursery and into Sunbeams a year early for good behavior. I always come home rejuvinated, uplifted and ready to begin the new week. One of my friends once said that church was for the survival of the fittest. To her I say you "WUSSY".

I also have a friend (sister) who when she has naughty kids says, "Look how AWESOME my kids are". Apparently "AWESOME" is code word for something else. So on this very day I am choosing to be like her and when something is a challenge I will pretend it is opposite day and talk in code. Sundays are the best...yes Sundays are the best.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daddy Daughter Camp-Out

Remember last years daddy daughter?

Well this year there were french braids and tire swings....

Flash light biting ghost stories...

4 potty breaks in the night so get your flashlights out....

Some broccoli after Momma said Lunchables just weren't going to cut it.....

Bracelet making.....

Time of your life for both Momma @ home and the girls in hammocks...

The End.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Just CUZ - Thanks for having the same grandparents

If you happen to be the other girl in the picture than you are probably one of my favorites. Thanks for sending me one of Grandma Maree's very special sugar cookies in the mail when I lived away, worried that I might be left out. Thanks for making the best cookies I've ever had. Thanks for visiting me in the hospital after I had the triplets and telling me I was not the only crazy one in the world. Thanks for being my therapist. Thanks for teaching me how to act @ the dances (remember the 5 minute rule?) Thanks for knowing what I'm thinking before I even say it. Thanks for liking candy but then doing 200 crunches after we stuffed our faces. Thanks for letting me think that I am funny even when I'm not. Thanks for some of the hardest laughs I've ever had and thanks for going to dinner the other night.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wellsey did it!


Ok so lately the girls have learned to say, "Wellsey did it!". For example this morning I calmly asked the kids (girls), "Who colored all over the tile with crayons?" "Wellsey did it", replied twin #2. They have three brothers that they can choose from. All of which can't defend themselves. Why have they singled out Wells? I guess all you have to do is just look @ the picture and it's no surprise why they chose him. Poor Wellsey....

The Burning Within

Want one of those, "I'm never going to make another mistake" moment? Then read this:

A series of events lead me to read this book. Last April I made a new friend named Stephanie Nielson. From April until now she has since been in a terrible plane crash and remains in critical condition, having sustained burns on 80% of her body. Well a few days after the crash I was talking to a friend about what had happened and she said that the day after the crash she met another women whose mom had been in a plane crash and sustained 75% burns. My friend thought that was pretty crazy to have gone from hearing about 0 people being in plane crashes to now 2 people within a matter of days. As we continued talking she also mentioned that the lady who was in the plane crash in 1985 had written a book about her experience, in which Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul said, "The Burning Within" is the most powerful book I have read in years. I read the book in one sitting and couldn't put it down. What a gift RaNelle has given us." Well I back up what he has to say and would suggest all of my lovies to read it (perhaps my choice for family book club..). Both the book and Stephanie have impacted me greatly. In fact Stephanie has impacted many. In the short time that I've known her I've come to the conclusion that she is wonderful in every way. She is such an inspiration and great example. I pray for her everyday. Hey there is even an article in the New York Times here and the Arizona Republic here .

Everyday is precious. I wish my path were always straight but like most who aren't perfect, I tend to deviate from my original plan. I am thankful to have experiences in life that help me to re-group.

In the meanwhile mark your calenders for the Domestic Bliss Fall Festival. I think it will be fun plus there's going to be some fundraising going on to help the Stephanie & Christian Nielson cause.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Tuzigoot and Sedona

We went on a trip this weekend. It was nice. Lot's of little kids. "Table for 12 except can we have 3 boosters and 4 highchairs." Lady @ restaurant in Sedona said "Wait I'm so confused..we only have 3 highchairs." Note to self: Next time probably not the kind of restaurant we should be going to. No I change my mind, not willing to forfeit good food just because of our craziness!!