Friday, November 30, 2012

{life happens more on instagram} for now.


Life is happening.

A little too consumed with renovating a home on a major time constraint....I don't care for things that are all too consuming unless it's peace and love.

For now how about life through the eyes of Instagramming ( case you feel the need to follow along):

The kids made it through their first real hike.  I decided to show my excitement through posing.

It took me 15 paint samples to settle on the original paint color that I picked out for the boys bunk beds. Paint is so darn win some you loose some.  You guys the beds are coming along and are so cool.

I secretly was a little sad to see the yellow paint in the master bedroom go bye.

Kids had their very own Thanksgiving Day eating station.  I kind of want to do Thanksgiving again next week.

Beautiful ch ch ch chard makes me happy.

Made some hardware out of galvanized plumbing parts.  Spray painted them brass.  It is really working for me.

Apparently marketing does of my kids in particular has asked for every single thing they sell on the toy infamercials.  I sold out and bought Stompeez..shhh.

Kids up to making a ton of art projects..including the installation of the paper hearts with black electrical tape.  The best was when they took the scissors to their bedspread.  When I asked the boys why they had scissors in their room they told me that it was in case they had an art project to do in the night...well there you go bedspreads are the next best art projects.

Finally we are hoping for a Christmas miracle.  It could happen you know..especially if our kitchen decides to be a little more advanced than in the above photo.  At least there are some cool wood beams.

What else you all???  Any words?  I am excepting?

For now all I can offer is loves.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

risky business (the boys built-in bunks, blue and Dimore Studio)

(my boys built in bunks progress)

Do you ever have a little battle going on in your head when decorating?  I do!  Here is the deal... I like a little visual tension and I like to take a little risk but when it is my very own money I get nervous and the conversation in my brains starts to say that it would be best to play it safe and go with the more neutral choice.  Then I can not fully rest because that may not be what I really want to do.  For example in out new home we decided it would be best to keep the boys together in one room and so it made sense to have some built in beds to make the space more efficient.  The wheels were set in motion and when it came down to picking a paint color I would close my eyes and see the  Then the feedback came rolling in saying the beds needed to be more neutral, as in a mushroom, taupe or tan.  One of these said people delivering the feedback is the guy fronting half the funds so you see there is pressure and then questionings pertaining to my ability to pull off the vision.  Then my sister reminded me of Mr. S. R. Gambrel because he uses the color blue in his designs like it is never going out of style and his stuff is SO good it hurts.  Then that same day I came across a space in Architectural Digest France and it made me feel so inspired and gave me that little boost that I needed to at least go out and get 15 samples of paints leaning toward the blue side. The below space as designed by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran who make up Dimore Studio.  The space really fuels my vision to go ahead a take a little more risk (I love it when that happens).  I completely understand that this space is not realistic for most people and their everyday place to dwell in but to me it is art, very inspiring and so chic.   So many different elements that could be translated into a space that works for me and my home.  What do you all think?  Are you a risk taker?


(all images from my issue of the September Architectural Digest France)

Monday, November 5, 2012

having a moment with a hexi and an octi...


I can not get the the above hexagon/octagon shapes off my brain.  I'm dreaming of floors, ceilings, moldings and light fixtures.  Then again I have also been dreaming of a husband who won me 5 toys from the toy grabber machine game even retailing for $10.64..dreams these days.

How could one not be happy after having thoughts of a toy grabber machine.


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