Monday, July 28, 2008

4th of July on the Farm

There's something to be said about a small town on the 4th of July. Small town parades are the best. So far 2 of the best fireworks shows have been in smaller communities. I never thought I could live in a small town but find myself rethinking it as an option more every year after we go visit Grandma and Papa Brian. The girls had a blast. The weather was nice and they could go out and run around as much as they wanted. One of the highlights for the girls had to have been all of the candy that was thrown around @ the parade. You should have seen their faces. It was difficult to get them to pose for a few shots as they were a tad bit preoccupied with the whole candy thing. We also had nanny Mandy come and visit us in Richfield (that was one of my highlights). We sure miss her. Well all in all it was a perfect trip but when it comes down to it I need my city ways to stay a bit closer. Don't worry though Papa and Grandma, we will be back again soon, 12 hour drive and all. A drive that is only supposed to be 8 hours. Poor little babies were quite the troopers packed in there 5 car seats and all. We'll save that for another story though. I had to post a picture of the elk head because they are everywhere @ the in-laws house. It took me a little while to get used to all of the animal head business. When I was growing up I begged my Dad to take me fishing. One day he really did take us but it was to the fish farm. PLEASE... I could have caught them with my bear hands. Oh well my Dad's always been more of the artsy kind (in a manly way). I love you Dad!

Hooray for the red, white & blue!

Big sparkler for such a little girl.

Hi Wellsey!

Cousins all lined up.

Hi again Wells!

Papa lovin.

Just one more picture please or I'll take away your candy!

Take me to the 50's, check out the car.

Are you serious?

My 3 sons.

Let's here it for Grandma.

Whoa there little elk!!

Summer fun.

Oh wait here's Christianson.

That's all folks! Good times.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Let's start @ the very beginning - Happy 10 years!!

Not only is this the very start of our bloggin days but the pictures to follow represent the celebration of the day we got married 10 years ago. If only I knew then what my life would be after 10 years of marriage. I could have quite possibly turned around and ran the other way. I had no idea what Mr. Brian had in store for me. Seven very calm years came to pass and then BAM. I blame him for the mess I am in now. Three years ago he gave me the twins and last year the triplets. Hence 5 kids in 2.5 years. Actually he tries very hard to make things right on a daily basis:-) He is why this situation is working. I feel so blessed to have such a great husband and to have just celebrated our first big anniversary. Yes he help get me into this mess but he is also going to take responsibility and I do think he is in it for the long run. Here's to the next 10 years and many posts later. What a time in my life that I never want to forget. That is why I have decided to document life in our very "FULL HOUSE" so stay tuned.

The pictures below show Mr. Brian & I celebrating our anniversary. We had dinner @ Asia de Cuba in the Mondrian Hotel Scottsdale. Our poor waiter was trying so hard to help us have a great night by offereing us 1st some bubbly on the house. After we declined he then offered us some hot beverage in which we declined again. On the third try he brought out a cake that he had made up and it's a good thing we didn't decline that one becaause it was tasty. On our way back to the car we walked by a wig shop. They had so many different hair colors and styles. I'd probably pick the red wig since I've been pretty much every other color.