Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Twin bed envy.

So I do have to admit when my sweet little one comes to bid me goodnight some of her best thoughts come out as she is trying to stall the bed.  Usually she starts out by saying, "Mom I just want to tell you that I really, really love you", followed by, "You are my favorite Mom".  I even heard her tell Daddy that he was not only the nicest but the cutest Dad ever.  She's four years old, which means she's quickly learned what stalling technique works best as she tries to manipulate the situation a bit.  It used to be that her legs hurt and that she needed a heating pad, or that she was hungry and thirsty.  Oh & heaven forbid if we forgot to brush her teeth because that one suddenly got red flagged as the most urgent matter of the day. Well she obviously figured out that the best reaction has come from fluffing us with her little brown nose, which  currently leaves us now with a child who is no dummy and parents who still will let the child linger longer with all of her endearing comments.  I'll admit it we are totally suckers.  Ok maybe not suckers but worse because we know exactly what she is doing & still let it happen.

Tonight she came in and she said, "Mom, I've been thinking", followed by a pause.  She continued on by saying, "Do you ever wish you had your own bed like me and Dad had his own bed like sissy?"  Before I could answer she continued on by saying, "You guys have to share and I just thought maybe you would want your very own bed like me."  I just laughed & gave her a big hug because she likes it when I do that.  I mean who wouldn't want somebody to think they were cute and funny combined with hugs.

Well I kind of do have double twin bed envy but since I kind of have a thing for hubs as well we probably won't be going Lucy-Ricky style anytime soon.  Just to prove how much I love 2 twin beds I dove into my saved file and had to post them in honor of my twin #2.  

To twin #2:  I love you darling and you can have your very own bed for as long as you live with me.  I promise.

Image 1 - via Little Green Notebook Image 2 - John Minshaw Designs via Brabourne Farm Image 3 - Vallone Design via Brabourne Farm Image 4-  via Design Sponge Image 5 & 10 - House Beautiful Image 6 - Imge 7, 8 & 9 - Domino Image 11 - via Little Green Notebook Image 12 - House Beautiful Image 13, 14 & 15  - Leta Austin Foster & Associates Inc. - House Beautiful Image 17 - via Alkemie Image 18 - unknown Image 19 - House Beautiful Image 20 - Domino mag Image 21 - Amy Lau Design 22- via Elements of Style


Kami Milliron said...

Douglas does the whole stalling before bed time too. And that is when he says the sweetest things also. It almost works !

~Grace Happens~ said...

I am totally sold on twin beds now. WOW, those beds are lovely! I'm shipping out your tags tomorrow...all 10 of them yippee!!! Can't wait to see what you do with them. Also, check out a new pillow I just finished making. I can't get enough of burlap obviously. xo Grace

Tara Thueson said...

Those 2 pink puff beds are adorable!! :) My daughter does the same thing before bed.. its funny!

onehm said...

Those are FABULOUS (as was your story) and my favorite is the white and green room with the headboards that looked like little green hills and the green dollhouse in the window. Wonderful. Happy. Loved it.

Debbie said...

after looking at all of those pictures, i'm not sure that there will be too many people that don't have twin bed envy now. great pictures.
as for little m, she's a smart one alright!

Courtney Vance said...

Wow what a clever little chica. All those beds almost makes you want to have 20 houses. With 100 servants following you around of course.

Shannon said...

We are not at the stalling stage.....yet. We just turned 3. It is around the corner though huh? What cute little musings from your daughters. I cannot pic a fav set of twins beds from those pics. If I were forced to choose, it would be the yellow room with both beds against the wall, but thats just me. And those canopy beds for the girls are spectacular! (my dad still has mine in the attic!)
Everyone that comes to visit us says "Oh look at the little beds"....I have to admit they are pretty darn cute.
Happy Wednesday,
-Shannon in Austin

Jenny at LGN said...

Love these! We're moving soon and I've decided to upgrade both my girls (almost 4 and 2) to twin beds. It might be a really bad idea (especially for the youngest), but I just love the look of a pair of twin beds! They'll have to cope!


Annie said...

Holy cow, where ever you find all these great design images, you've got one mighty collection of incredibly beautiful bedroom designs. I love the yellow and black room. I want all of those rooms!!!
My-My is one cute little stinker. Even though I like Drew sometimes I wish for my own bed like little M suggested. I just like my own space though...are you surprised? :)