Monday, April 13, 2009

Hope or Bust.

The above picture is kind of how I have been feeling as of late.  Not all the way down only half way down.  You know the  kind of on the verge & could go either way kind of feeling, feeling.  Although I did have a minor breakdown last week but we won't count that.

On Friday, after hitting the 105 year old dog mark, my first baby below went to Heaven (all dogs go to Heaven, right?)  She was a good dog and we loved her very much.  

On that same day Dad asked me if I knew what Pollyanna's last name was on that great vintage Disney show we all love.  Of course without thought I blurted out, "Whittier".  That question made me think about how I  just love that show because Pollyanna had such an impact on the towns people.  She was well known to find the good in everything, hence the "glad game".  I was trying really, I mean really hard to play that game with the whole loss thing I had just suffered.  There was probably only one thing I could come up with besides that fact that Daisy dog is not suffering anymore and that was I could really feel and and have empathy for those that have lost their pets.  Whereas before I couldn't as much because I hadn't been through losing a pet of this nature & to this degree.  Well there was Georgina the cat and Marley the dog who both got hit by cars but they hadn't become quite the fixture as Daisy.  I am grateful for experiencing this situation only for the whole empathy part but outside of that nothing else quite comes to mind, so no more having animals that die before I do.  Which means tortoises or bust.(Don't they live to 100 or something?) 

{Dad & good old Daisy dog}

Then we made it to Easter and couldn't help but feel like there was hope again.  That's what the Savior gives us you know.  Kids filled the very empty backyard with some squeals of delight and some not so joyous squeals.  Mom made a great dinner and after we ate Bacca and Nana played with the kids (sorry no picture of Nana).  Bacca is such a great bubble blower.

The kids getting the paparazzi from both ends.

Only Mr. Rabbit seemed to like the fig bars Mom tried to sneak into the Easter baskets.  I don't blame the girls for not appreciating my health kick in their Easter baskets.

Little Miss Sunshine.

Happy, happy, joy, joy.

{Front}                                                                                                          {Back}
Now after all of those festivities, was it wrong that when we were driving back to our home hubby & I had actually discussed our desire to forego feeding children a well-balanced meal and replace with some nutritional beverages so that we could hurry and put them down to bed? Whoof what a day!

I hope to see Daisy again.


Briana Ward said...

I am sorry to hear about Daisy. That is so hard, I do not even know what we will do when we do not have our stinker of a dog with us anymore. Here's me sending you a big blog hug!!!

Laura said...

I'm so sorry about your loss!

Your photos are so cute. I really like the first one of your son. It's adorable.

Rebecca said...

I feel for you losing your pup. I have lost 3 dogsin my to to diabetes and one to all over body illness coupled with depression from losing her "sister" to cancer. I am so sorry...I know how hard this is to cope with.

I read the book DOG HEAVEN to my children to help them understand a helped me also.

Hope you all are doing well.

Erin said...

Awww I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Losing a dog is as hard as losing a family member (in my opinion). I still cry about my dogs!! Just think of it as you gave Daisy a wonderful life and she was very's all a dog could ask for. Plus, this is the reason chocolate exists...the more you eat, the more it helps! :)

Jami said...

I could do the hair thingies anytime that is good for you. Night times would be better so that hubby man can watch Grace.
I didn't ask about wheat grass...but I do love it, and I wouldn't mind planting some. AND, I LOVE you silver cups of wheat grass.
I am sorry about your doggie. I love our dog, and I can't imagin letting him go. Have you seen Marley and Me?
Also, do I spy target shoes on your girls??? Grace has the red ones...I LOVE them. She also has like 10 more pairs. Is it just me or did Target hit the spot on little girls shoes this season?

OK...this is long!

Jenny at LGN said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about your dog. That breaks my heart. Not an easy thing to got through, or to watch your kids go through.

Looks like you and your family were still able to celebrate a fun Easter though. Your kids are adorable!

I was wondering if you'd mind if I posted about the chalkboard you made a few months ago? No big deal if you'd prefer me not to (since it was already posted about, etc). It was a really great project!

little green notebook
jkomenda at gmail dot com

Amanda said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. It hits especially close to home today, because we lost one of family as well. Our little schnauzer, Turbo went on to greener grass today. My thoughts are with you.

Mary said...

Happy Easters Christanya! We'll see Daisy again!

Whitney said...

I love that you tried throwing fig bars in their easter bags. Your girls are no dummies. They could see right through your trick.

~Grace Happens~ said...

I am literally holding my dog right now and not wanting to let her go after reading your post. I am so sorry and I can't imagine how sad you must feel, but know that she is in heaven!

It's Always Something Around Here said...

I am so sorry about your dog! The loss is so hard...we recently lost our dog.

Annie said...

Am I allowed to pout for a minute...I just can't stand being so far away. Seeing you with Nana and Bacca makes me long to be with you guys so bad...especially during the holidays. What a fun day.

I'm not even going to approach the whole Daisy topic. Emotions are a bit close to the surface. I'm hormonal too. All I have to say is that I have the whole empathy thing going on too. Thanks Polyanna.

Annie said...

P.S. My friend wants to know how much of that Liquid Silver you are supposed to give kids. What dosage do you give?

Maria Villalobos said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I feel your pain, but you will see daisy someday. Keep your head up!

Kelsea said...

I just love you and your strength.. I to was sad to hear about daisy, even tho I didn't know her.

And that little breakdown.. Doesn't everyone need one of those every so often?

Your great, thanks for our friendship!

Aspasia said...

I'm so sorry for your loss! Last year we had to put my mother's 17 years old cat to sleep, and it was so painfull for our family. At the same time my cat MILOU -i wrote for him ten days ago at my blog if you want to read- was so sick with his liver that doctors only gave us 10% to survive. Luckily he was such a brave cat and he is still with us.
Keep playing the "glad game". It will help you a lot. I had almost forgot it although Pollyanna's book series was one of my favorites as a kid. She wasn't very wellknown in Greece, but once i borrowed one book from the local library and finally i read everyone i found!!!

Anonymous said...

My heart is broken right along with yours. My puppy has pneumonia and we may have to put my cat to sleep. It's funny how attached you get to animals. I'm so sorry about the loss of your dog. Sunny days are just around the corner :)