Monday, April 13, 2009

Good ol' Sunshine

I was having a hard time getting the wheat grass that I planted to thrive indoors, so I took it outside to get some sunshine. Look what happened almost over night. Really went from none to some in 29 hours.

We really have been thriving over @ our home but seemed to have plateaued a bit. Just needed a little extra dose of some of that thrive booster so we tried out the good ol' sunshine for ourselves. I can't believe the girls really got into the pool. They loved it. Who cares if they missed their naps today.

PS - I got the above mercury glass votives for .50 cents a piece and when I needed to plant some wheat grass they worked out perfect. I love it when that happens. Thank goodness for clearance @ Marshalls.


Jamie said...

What seeds do you plant to grow wheatgrass?
Sorry if this is a totally silly question!

Annie said...

Cool cups. I too love growing stuff!

Stacey Crewse said...

See those cups worked out perfect!! Who knew wheat grass could look so fancy in cute cups!!!

Cheryl said...

I love watering plants and seeing the pretty flowers bloom! The wheatgrass looks so cute in those cups. You are so creative!! I loved the Easter cookies too. I will do that with the grandkids next year!

Laura said...

Those votives are gorgeous!!

Shannon said...

now you've got me wanting to go to Marshall's! lol. Great pics. Happy Easter! It was a glorious day indeed.
-Shannon in Austin
PS: Wait till I post the pillow cases I'm making for the kiddos. They turn 3 tomorrow. I might have to wait till sat to post them. I'm behind! (story of my life!)

Full House said...

Jamie - They were actually harder to find for me. I just found them in the front of Whole Foods where they sell their other seeds to plant in a garden. The seeds are actually just called wheat grass seeds.

Hope that helps.


Jamie said...

Thanks for your help, Christina.