Thursday, November 3, 2011

[a little note and the candy fairy}


Well we made it through Halloween. In hopes to halt all gluttonous behavior I told the kids to eat as much candy as they wanted the day of Halloween and then leave the rest out for the candy fairy to take in exchange for a small toy. My friend thought I was so weird for doing this but I think there would have been more weirdness going on around the house after the kids all downed their 10 pounds of candy Ausustus Gloop style. I could just see myself saying, "Kids save some for later". The funny thing about the candy fairy though is that she really loves Twix and Kit Kats...that probably should be the real focus of gluttonous behavior..busted.

Anyway I am feeling kind of chatty at the moment and wanted to get something off of my chest. You see most of the time you don't see what goes on behind the scenes of the blog and in fact only see certain aspects of life....which usually tends to be the best. You see a camera can be choosy on whether it wants to capture the the mess to the left or the clean spot to the right if you know what I mean. Sure I could post about how motherhood kicks my booty every other day or how I just had to invest in clinical strength deodorant because I have BO and stink but alas you see mostly all of the good and the pretty. I would never want anybody to think I was some kind of amazing Mom who always had it together because then I might be at risk of being deemed a phony baloney. With that being said I need to hustle and clean up my house just so Lilia won't be scared when she comes over to give my house a monthly deep clean (Lilia is one of my favorites). I love all of you guys and love all of the nice little notes and emails..even if you think I might be better than I am.


Oh and what are you doing this weekend..I really would love to hear????


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping it real! ;)

Stacey H said...

WHAT? This shatters my world! Now I feel like the only perfect mom in the whole world!!! :)

Really, though I appreciate your thoughts and your pretty blog. Don't change a thing.

christy said...

Watching my nephew's HS play tonight. Heading to the Pow Wow in Scottsdale tomorrow. Both should be lots of fun!

PS. Was in your neck o'the woods the other day, field trip to the SW Museum. Great fun! Wanted to stop by the thrifts near there, next time! :)

kelleyp said...

BO! love it. so open and frank.
busy weekend of soccer and volleyball matches (not mine but the kiddos)!


angela | the painted house said...

So THAT'S what stinks around here?! Glad to know that you got your super-duper industrial-strength pit freshener. That's just what I needed to hear, that you have BO, after I see your gorgeous tassel photo to make me feel better. :) Sheesh, even your pits are perfect--they stink like all pits do. Sweet post...and not just for all the candy.

Hope your weekend is adventurous and fun!

Unknown said...

I like this...but rather than think you are a phoney baloney (like that too!) I NEED TO BELIEVE that you are better than you are, and better than I am too!:) Someone needs to be having it all and looking great while doing it all, sure isn't me! If no one is, than what hope is there for me? Does this make sense? Who knows, I am on my own glutty sugar kit kat high right now, soon to be a stomach ache and regret!

Julia said...

I'm glad to know my assumptions were correct - you only appear perfect and are not, in fact, perfect :-)

We're getting a new washing machine this weekend. Not a fun way to spend a huge chunk of change, but having dirty laundry is less fun!

Mars said...

you have the cutest kids!! And I love blogs that aren't afraid to admit real life moments. I think so many just glamourize (is that a word) life. Love when some truth is thrown in the mix.

Melanie said...

I just love hearing about your life! You are hilarious!! Maybe one day I will be your neighbor (or at least live in the same state!) because I would love to hang out with you!! Love you, my dear!!

Katie Waddell said... I LOVE this post! Thanks for being refreshing! This weekend was spent running errands when I felt up to it and slumming on the couch with ginger ale when it all came crashing down (I'm pregnant with # 3 and having awful morning sickness!). Hope you had a great weekend!!! :)