Sunday, November 27, 2011

Life four years ago and and life today (gratitude)

{The Little America Hotel in Flagstaff, 4 years ago}

First of all how was your Thanksgiving?

Our Thanksgiving was great except you can imagine the risks the come along with hauling 5 little kids across the state and beyond.....I must note that going across the states out west isn't anything like trying to cross the state of Rhode Island either.

I am thankful we didn't have to rent a truckers bathroom again so that I could feed 3 six month babies. I couldn't help but reminisce about this little scenario as we passed the Little America hotel exit in Flagstaff on our way to Thanksgiving dinner four years ago. I remember trying to feed my babies in the car while my husband took the girls into the cafe. When it became clear that I needed some assistance I loaded 2 of the babies into the stroller and carried the other as I found my way to the check-in desk at the hotel. I thought after seeing me they would for sure rent a room out to me for an hour. Not so, instead I was directed to the truckers bathrooms that I could rent for $10 an hour. Those were good times and actually the bathrooms weren't too bad. I'm still not too sure as to why I would take babies on a long trip that were not on formula or had not yet reached the ripe old age of 1. Either which way I felt very grateful for all of those who have helped me get to where I am today.

We finally made it home after 10 hours there and then 10 hours back.

A few more notes:

I really do like seeing things from the window of a car.

I thought about how helpful in life it is to replace feelings of inadequacy and insufficiency for acts and thoughts of gratitude.

So grateful that there is a God who knows and loves every single one of's true.

{the above picture is supposed to represent life today...all kicks and giggles}

P.S. - I am thankful for humor..even when I am the only one that finds it...Don't ask me why I just chose to insert the above picture except I love that we were swimming just a mere month and a half ago and that my kid still likes to snuggle. What if life were just kicks & giggles and we never ever got upset when things got damaged and such.

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Anonymous said...

This is such a sweet post. I can't believe you did that with your young triplets - you are wonder woman. I love the idea of replacing dreadful thoughts with thankful thoughts. I've been trying to work on that myself.

Unknown said...

Wow - you are really a super mom. I keep thinking I'm doing well blogging with a newborn, but you really take the cake stopping in at a truck stop to breast feed triplets.

nest of posies said...

omgosh! the story of the truck stop. i cannot believe it. i still don't know how you did it with 3. amazing.

so glad the family liked the sweet potato cassarole. ;)

Jenna said...

great thoughts, i'm glad your thanksgiving was nice (well, except for the 20 hours of driving!!) I am at awe whenever I think of you nursing 3 babies! That's amazing!