Monday, April 5, 2010

{turquoise goodness found in a little girls room}








I am finding the above fun bright little girls room so completely
inspiring. I posted about this house a bit ago that made me
so wonder I loved the above because both spaces come
from the same mastermind.

Above photos via Martensen Jones Interiors.

Lots of posts because I have so much that I need to get out there as my
desktop and bookmarks are jam packed and need to be purged. Hope you
don't mind:-)


Melissa Blake said...

SO gorgeous...just stumbled upon your blog and love it! :)

Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

What a fun space she can grow up with.

Tiina said...

oh wow, these images are just divine!

thank you for sharing and welcome to visit my blog!


angela | the painted house said...

Turquoise--one of my favorite colors. And it is a refreshing take on a girl's room. Oh, to have that kind of light in my dark ranch house.

Beautiful photos.

autumn said...

i love a good "sophisticated" kids room. the lime + turquoise is perfectly balanced with all that white for such a chic look. cute, cute , CUTE!

Day by Day Design said...

Love this room!

Anonymous said...

Hello... just found your blog, it's great! Love the turquoise! :) ~Debby

Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

You are going to be one of my friday favorites this week so check it out on friday!

Lovely Little Nest said...

Gorgeous, love it!

The bright lime color of the poufs against the turquoise is just perfect.

Thanks for sharing :)

Michelle said...

Mmmmm, turquoise... my favorite! Oh yeah, and I'm lovin' the new profile pic... I will treasure that moment forever! ;-)

LindsB said...

Any little girl that has an Hermes blanket on their bed is lucky, lucky, lucky!

nest of posies said...

listen here - sister!!!

i can only take in so much eye candy in one day!!!
what are you eating these days for all these fabulous posts? or is it still a 'high' from the Easter sugar???

this room & color trimmed in white is just stunning.

p.s. i tried to talk chief into allowing me to enter your giveaway. i told him all it would cost him was a few airplane tickets...but he just shook his head - NO. MEN...these days. geez.
hope you are having a beautiful week!

Heidi said...

love the colours! It's so perfect for a little girls room :) Or a big girls room....

Laura said...

What a fun girls room! That would have been my dream room that I would share with my sister growing up.