Friday, April 16, 2010

secret garden


Yesterday at dusk I went to visit the lovely Janet. We talked about all sorts of things that have made us happy. You know like finding bargains, having friends over for a waffle breakfast, family, being spoiled by a husband who builds jewelry cabinets, old historical buildings, building the home she lives in from scratch, traveling and most importantly Janet coming home from the doctor's office after passing a physical with flying colors. I think that is quite remarkable that a women who is eighty-ish doesn't let very much slow her down. Already, since I have gotten to know Janet I can tell that some of her secrets to looking & feeling so great come from having a sense of humor (you should request for her to put a rose petal in her mouth & pretended it is her lips), serving (don't turn her down when she insists on giving a foot massage) & I kind of think her large "secret garden" has something to do with her vitality. Her garden has brought her such joy...even the hard work of tilling the garden has been therapy, she says. I'm taking notes and I think I would like to include some of her secrets into my life....even a secret garden.

Thank you for being my friend Janet...I hope I look as good as you when I am 80.


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

loved this post Christina, and those photos are stunning! Have a great weekend xo

Whitney said...

What a beautiful garden! Your pictures look great too.

Laura said...

There is no way she is 80 - I'd have never guessed!
She sounds like an amazing woman and her garden is gorgeous!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Lovely photos of Janet and her garden.

Rebecca said...

she is a doll with her bucket full of flowers!

The Clawson's said...

Oh Janet! I love that lady, her backyard is amazing!

angela | the painted house said...

Sounds like a fun gal to hang with. Her garden is so lush--what a talent.

Because apparently we are like bizarro world--west coast does, east coast does: I spent the afternoon yesterday with my 90-year-old neighbor, sitting on her back porch talking about her boxwood garden. I interviewed her for a later post--such a fascinating generation. She sent me home with homemade banana bread. So much to learn from her.

Have a wonderful weekend!

christy said...

What a beautiful garden! She sounds like a wonderful lady.

nest of posies said...

your pictures are stunning as so if her lovely garden!
i couldn't help but notice her (janet's) nails are even painted & look perfect. i, on the other hand have dirt & some other stuff that i dare not mention under my nails from digging in the dirt.
what a "lady" she is!