Monday, April 12, 2010

We love buckwheats




In our home you may hear something come out of my mouth like, "nice going buckwheat", especially after any of the above noted boys spill their juice for the the 5th time. You see these ones are wild and I do believe that if you are in a very irreverent mood that you'd consider sitting next to us on the same church pew. Quite the spectacles are we. Speaking of spectacles, I'm thinking that it is a good thing that many of the members of our congregation don't quite have the same vision & hearing that they did in their younger years. They make our family feel so treasured and act happy that we are there and for that I am grateful.

Anyway back to wild & buckwheat, I've said it before but if you can't beat 'em join 'em. So in honor of my little "buckwheats", we are celebrating this whole week by partaking in buckwheat groats, cream of buckwheat cereal & the using of our buckwheat flour (plus we had to figure out a way to mix things up in the grain department as the kids said they were sick of quinoa and oats. Don't let the name buckwheat fool you because it is not related to wheat & is easily digestible. I even fed my babies cream of buckwheat instead of rice cereal. Now I need some good recipes...if anybody has one that they would like to share then pls. do.

Here's to buckwheat(s)



LindsB said...

I have never tried this- is it like quinoa?

Unknown said...

Christina, love your blog. You're such an inspiration. Plus my little girl's name is Christina also :) anyway, back to buckwheat. I'm so glad its getting some recognition, as it is THE BEST :) I'm giving cream of buckwheat to my baby, as she's not very good at digesting rice either. My favourite recipe is: (1) pour your buckwheat seeds into a roasting dish. pour boiling water over them, make sure there is extra water (maybe 1 inch); (2) let it sit until most of the water is absorbed (the seeds should open, or "flower"), about 1 hour; (3) add butter or salt to taste, stir; (4) bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 350F. Eat for breakfast as cereal with milk, berries, honey, etc. Or for dinner with chicken and salad. Tasty either way. And so so so healthy. Enjoy PS. how do you make your quinoa?

Laura said...

So funny, we say "way to go buckwheat" too! Now I'll have to taste it - you make it sound good! :-)

Shannon said...

Church was interesting this past Sunday. Porter decided to make a run back up the alter after we got back from communion. Oh dear. Dad had to chase him down and nearly knocked a lady over. Needless to say, Dad took him straight out the side door.
-Shannon in Austin