Thursday, April 15, 2010

[reasons to love}





Just in case you are confused pls. let me clarify...I LOVE this space and here are the reasons:

The molding with the dots are so cool.
The panel of antiqued mirrors is fabulous.
The color palette is amazing.
The little silhouettes on the mini lamp shades in the office are darling.
The mix of classic with contemporary is lovely.
The art is awesome.

To the inspiration file all of you pretty images will a go.

Hope you are having a happy day!

{all the above images via Nuevo Estilo}


Meg from Behind the Big Sunglasses said...

I'm in love too...the art is fabulous!

bazaarofserendipity said...

i just want to take a bath and go curl up on that sofa :) swoon!

angela hardison said...

ummmm love it too. a lot.

Laura said...

Yes please!

Unknown said...

that office space is drop dead gorgeous. to be featured in my desk du jour series? don't mind if i do ;)

Kera said...

now THIS is fabulous!!!