Thursday, April 8, 2010

pink {part 2}







You know how my son is partial to pink...well just observe Hamish Bowles above New York Apartment....think he likes stinky pinky? The man is a mix master who has serious style and knows how to throw a bunch of random stuff into a room and have it still look good. I can still appreciate his style even though I tend to like things completely opposite of what exists in his home.

All of the above photos from the March/April issue of Vogue Living Australia.


nest of posies said...

love the new profile pic. darling! you are something else!

wowza! to this pinky a.p.t. bold & beautiful.

Kerry said...

I have a friend with a house that's very similar. He's moving soon..I'm hoping for a garage sale!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Love that dress!!!

Jodiane said...

Man i loved this man's apartment. What a great use of the random. Feeling inspired by this post. Love you girl.... glad you made your flight.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I must have, I repeat MUST HAVE that Union Jack pillow in the 3rd photo. Love it!

Unknown said...

i think his home is an example of truly personal style. trying to recreate his look in my own space would be a trainwreck but somehow he pulls it off and makes it look magnificent. it's just so unique to his personality!

p.s. i love that your son loves pink.

LindsB said...

woah, that is some serious pink! I love it all, and I wish I had more pink in my own home :)

Lindsey said...

my old apartment was pink. now im all white with pops of color. this post is making me miss the pink!

Molly said...

I kept thinking this shouldn't look good together - but it does. I wish my house looked good with all my junk thrown together - but it doesn't. ha ha. Maybe I am not using enough "pink" ha ha

Laura said...

Loving the pink!!!