Thursday, April 15, 2010

blue butterflies {Sarah Jessica Parker's Home}



I can't stop thinking about the above images....which in turn make me think about Sarah Jessica Parker's home because the bottom image is from her home in the Hamptons. Those darn butterflies hanging on the wall get me every time. One of the first dates I went on with my boyfriend whom I wedded was to the butterfly exhibit. What really solidified my love of butterflies though comes from associating them with Grandma, as she had a pair of bright blue ones hanging on her wall. (pls. take good care of them sissy, you lucky ducky)

How do you feel about SJP's home?











I think it looks rather cheery.


Unknown said...

Oh how I would just love to just launch myself into the air and land in that white bed and take a nap. Thats that kind of room. Her house is beautiful.

Kerry said...

I think it's beautifully it.

mb said...

Isn't this beautiful house SJP's beach house? In other words, she doesn't live there full time. I especially like it as a beach house, the editing is so clean and happy.

Wonder what her all the time house looks like.
mb from Dallas

Tonia Hobbs said...

I love her home!
I love her too. She is just adorable. Thanks for sharing.

LindsB said...

I love her home! It looks normal- well normal for a really famous couple. It looks loved and lived in and totally not stuffy at all- and yes really cheery. I think its a beautiful family home!

The Waits said...

it's pretty much perfect! Seek the beautiful things, and you do! I enjoy looking at your wonderful inspirations!

Whitney said...

I like it. Its cozy

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

I really really like it, it's simple, colorful, great details, great porch, perfect!
Thanks for sharing Christina! xoxo

vmichelle said...

I really like this house! I love that each room is pretty simple but yet has a couple of bold statements that make it stand out.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I like the simplicity. I was starting to mentally make a list of the things I would want to steal but the list got too long, the apple print in the kitchen it probably #1! Butterflies also remind me of my grandmother, though I have no reason for it.

Laura said...

I love her house!!

Kera said...

i have to say, i would never guess that this was her home! there is something about it that i don't like for some reason, and i can't put my finger on it. but I'm sure it is a very nice getaway from her home in NYC.

paula said...

ooh it does. I didn't even realize this was her home. so pretty.

boops said...


Unknown said...

such a pretty home. the pops of colors are fun and add character.

nest of posies said...

it is beautiful. you know this is my type of style. but i'm kindof surprised about the style for her. i would of thought she would like all the glamourous fru fru styling. i would of NEVER pictured this to be her.
i guess i am fooled by all those oscar & chanel gowns she gets to wear. once again, i should never judge a book by it's cover.

inge said...

i think it is so comfortable and colourful you just want to take off your shoes sit down and relax and have a glass of wine exactly what a holiday home should be