Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cookies promote world peace!!! Mr. President pay attention.

So this really cool girl did a tag on her blog like 2 weeks ago.  Apparently she is really clever so when a number of her readers requested her whole wheat chocolate chip cookie recipe (including myself) she decided to post it on her blog and turn it into a game.  Sorry it took me so long. 

Let's see how it turned out @ our home.

We're all business when it comes to making cookies. Got my gear on and fired up the little black "Betty". Just because my little black Kitchen Aid has a name doesn't mean I use her regularly though. In fact this was a first for both her & I in 5 years. Thanks for the Christmas present 5 years ago Mom.

"Oh yeah Betty works".  S-W-E-E-T!

The excitement is building.



He ate so many cookies that he grew a chocolate mustache.

They ate twice as many cookies so they got a goatee to go with that mustache.

Finally just a sprinkle of antique silver glitter and....oh wait wrong project, I must be tired or something.

No, here's the project that took all of the glitter.  This is my Valentine's conversation tree.  It's talking about lots of love and stuff, just like the love these cookies made in our home.  Thanks Niki for the recipe, it was scrumdidilleelicious! If you want to love Niki's blog as much as I do or simply just want the recipe then go here.

We've made sooo much of this love that now it's time to go make some deliveries.

Love & PEACE out!

P.S. - Don't you think that if more people started making and eating cookies we could solve some of the worlds most complex problems?


☂niki. said...

are you the cutest thing ever or what?! this was so adorable and so fun! thanks for participating. your post blew mine out of the water. i loved everything about betty, your beautiful self in your get up, your kids enjoying the cookies, the mustaches, the glitter and the "love" spelled out in cookies. way to go! oh, and ps, your photog skills are getting right up there with annie! do you have the same camera as her?

☂niki. said...

oh, and i finally got caught up on your blog. we really were meant to be friends! we share so many of the same loves. the vintage typewriter, all the thrifting, the cross stiches(i have an entire collection waiting to be hung on my laundry room/craft room wall, oh wait, that room doesn't even exist yet;)

Shannon said...

Yum! And I love your Valentine decor. SO cute!

Full House said...

Um Niki really you are the one with the cute blog. That is why I read it so often.

Thanks for your kind words about the photography stuff but I'm hardly getting up there with Annie. She majored in photo journalism so has been practicing really knows her stuff. She is so skilled and fabulous with first her artful eye then her camera and photoshop (can't wait until I earn enough for photoshop). I will be in heaven the day I can be on her level. We actually have different cameras. Mine's the cheapy one. (don't tell my husband I just said that). I guess I shouldn't say it was cheap but when comparing apples.

Kacey's View said...

Look at you taking all these skilled pictures! Were all of those just with the standard 55mm lens? Very nice. And.. Once again I envy you and your creativeness.

Whitney said...

Im so glad you are my sister. You are so fun and creative with your posts. All the little kiddies with their mustaches were hilarious!!

Rhonda said...

Those do look scrumpdilliumptious! I'll have to check out her recipe.
You are too stinkin adorable. Black Betty... hahha! I love that you "suited up" for it.
& Please teach me how to be crafty cute like you!haha My poor kids....

Rebecca said...

hi christina...just stopping by your blog again only to find out that now on top of cute party hats that i am copying from you...i will now be copying the valentine banner as well...i hope thats flattering to you and not so annoying!(wink)...loved the you mind if i add your blog to my sidebar...i think your blog is amazingly creative and lovely to read. Im starting the hats this weekend for my daughters bday and am super excited! Thanks again for the instructions...cheers!

Natalie Hall said...

These are awesome photos. You are going to look back on these moments and just love it!

My fav is the fur coat and a dirty face.... And you look adorable in your Laverene and Shirley outfitt. You better be making a book out of your blog honey..

Annie said...

I hear a song coming on:

"All you need is love, love...all you need is love!"

How fun. You are too cute and really made that a fun post.

Amanda said...

Your family is so cute Christina! These cookies look delicious, and I love your Valentines decor. Happy Valentines to you and yours. xx

Mary said...

Fuuuuun! That was really cute Christanya! So did you cute Maile's hair?

Debbie said...

Fun post. I'll have to go to Niki's so I can find out what the challenge was. I'm surprised that you would have any cookies left to give away with all of your crew!! Great pictures and fun documentation of the event. I'm glad black betty finally got a work out!!

Suz said...

Like I said... fairy tale princess... you my friend are fab! One day I'm coming over at 6:00 a.m just to see what you look like during the morning rush... and then again at dinner...
But I can only imagine that you will still remind me of my favorite fairy tale princesses!
Your kids are darling. Isn't Annie your sister? I think so!

Jenny said...

YOur blog looks like a cataloge on line!! You are so talented. What a great mom! The cookies look delish! Sorry I missed you while you were here... We will have to get together soon. A girls weekend sounds fabulous to me!! Miss you!

Stacey Crewse said...

Best post this year!! Can you come to my house Miss Crafty/Nifty/Talented/Fabulous/SOOOCreative/dearfriend.... Christina! I love, love, love the pics/mustaches/glitter/tree/cookies/banner etc.... Love you superwoman!!

by the way.... is there anything you can't do?

Cheryl said...

So fun to see you in the gear with your blackberry kitchen aid. You look beautiful as usual. Your kiddos look so cute with all the chocolate on their faces. Such a fun post and the cookies look delicious too!

Jackie said...

I love those chocolate covered faces. I didn't think those kids could get any cuter, but the cookies take their "sweetness" over the top!