Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Flowers make for a happy home.

Flowers make me so happy. I especially love simple arrangements.  I am always saving images for inspiration. I was thinking I need to make a habit of having more fresh flowers around the home, especially because I am indoors so much. Somebody once told me there is a fresh flower outlet here in town where they are almost giving flowers away for free. In fact if I remember correctly it's close to a thrift store I like to visit. Has anybody heard of such a place? If I find out where it is I'll post it.

{top four images via Martha Stewart & Martha Stewart Weddings}
{bottom image Anthropologie}
*everything else found via Flikr


☂niki. said...

i love fresh flowers as well. and i LOVE every single one of those pictures! especially the yellow ones in the can in front of the teal wall.

please do tell me what spelt flower is. i've never heard of the sort. i'm sure you could use it in the recipe. the original calls for regular flower and i substituted our fresh ground wheat flour and it turned out just fine. give me your email and i will send you the recipe.

sherry said...

I can't wait until you figure it out and post it. I would LOVE to have more fresh flowers around the house. My mood is so different when they are around.

Amanda said...

Oh you're so lucky to have a flower market nearby, how dreamy. You could make yourself a new years resolution to buy yourself fresh flowers every week.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today, I was in such a rush I accidently deleted 6 comments! A swan mirror sounds beautiful, I'd love to see it if you still have it saved?

Amanda xx

Cyn said...

I haven't heard of the place that you're talking about, but I do know that Phoenix Flowers on Gilbert/University sells their flowers for 1/2 price every Friday. For awhile I would reward myself if my house was clean on Friday. I haven't had any for awhile! :)