Monday, January 19, 2009

Nice day for a little MLK parade action!

What's a momma to do when it's 70 degrees and there is a parade downtown? Well pack all 5 up & go of course.

Haha! Just trying to give my Westwood friends some love.  Toros were a no show.


Little "M" was really ticked that there was not any candy @ this parade. It was still fun though.


Stacey Crewse said...

Cute pictures! I missed out :( thanks for the invite!! You're such a good mama! And Brave with 5!!!!

Whitney said...

So fun!! Girl rock those crocks! and no I didnt mean to rhyme. I guess Im just good that way.

Debbie said...

Great pictures. Wish I could have gone with you. What a disappointment for Maile though....afterall what's a parade without a clown throwing lots of candy to the kids.

sherry said...

I didn't even know there was a parade! You are so brave to take 5 tiny ones. Still fun without the candy? (I think your crocs are cute;)

Darcy said...

OK. I am busted. I totally read your blog.

I had to post b/c one of my close friend's kids are in your parade pic with your kids. Too funny. Do we have a mutual friend in Brandy Brown? I know she and I are a little old to be hangin with your fine, young self, but maybe...

I miss visiting with you!!! I know you are busy but would love to catch up... Maybe a play date with our kids? Or pizza night with the fams?

Talk to you soon,

Annie said...

You wear those crocs girl, and you wear them proudly. I don't know what priss made up that rule but I think she should stay in L.A. and not make another peep.