Friday, July 30, 2010

Tia Zoldan's favorite spot in her home and her NEW BLOG


Remember how I recently blogged about Tia Zoldan right here?

Well I had the pleasure of corresponding a bit with Tia & that is when she shared the great news of her new blog. I thought what better then to not only share the word of her new blog but to also dive a little further into Tia's world.

I asked her what her favorite spot was in her home.

Would you all like to see it?

I know I did and was so excited that Tia was so willing to share a peak into her beautiful home and to give the scoop on her ever evolving living room....which happens to be her favorite spot. So without further ado lets get down to the meat of this post. Being that Tia is not only a mother (which is HUGE in itself) but a talented artist, decorator, and designer, I think you will all enjoy what she has to say.

ME: Tia tell us about your favorite spot in your home.

TIA: My favorite space in my home...would have to be my living room. This room has definitely evolved through the years! It is the biggest room in the house so I have the most fun with it because I can bring in and out so many different pieces! Black and Gold are the base colors of the room which are two of my favorite color combinations because all other colors look great with them. Because it is such a big space, I brought in really big pieces, the chandelier is huge as well as the art work and the coffee table. When designing a large space you need big pieces or the furniture will look lost! I try to keep the bigger pieces in a neutral color, and then go a little crazy with pillows, art, and accessories.

ME: What was the inspiration for this room?

TIA: Pink is one of my favorite colors (I have a very tolerant husband) so there is a lot of pink scattered throughout the room. Through the years I have collected brass figures, statues, vintage sconces, murano lamps, and lots of coffee table books! All of these objects are meaningful to me and beautiful to look at. I guess this is why it is my favorite room in the house, it is filled with the colors and objects I love and really big cozy seating!

I also asked her if there were any sources that she used in this room that she would like to share and guess what I smiled when she answered saying:

"I would love to give good resources but I really don’t have many because most of the objects and accessories are flea market or antique store finds! The couches/chairs/ottomans are custom made by my design company Zoldan Interiors and all the artwork was done by me! :) This room is such a mish mosh of old things brought back to life, I think that it is why it is my favorite!"

I smiled because Tia is a really good collector and flea market shopper...a girl after many of our own hearts and another testament to the fact that collecting vintage and antique items can add so much character to a home. Did you happen to catch the fact that she was the artist behind all that great art hanging on her walls...very impressive.

Of course now you will want to see more of Tia so you can follow her adventures over on her brand spankin new blog, the roof over my head, or you can visit her website over here.

Also Julie over @ Milk & Honey Home did a great little interview that touches on many more details on how Tia started out in design and her journey along the way. Go here for the scoop.

One of the things that I actually enjoy on Tia's blog (besides the design related stuff) is when she includes snippets of her personal life with her daughters. As I read through her blog I came across the below picture and had to share because it is so darn precious.


SEE! Ok now me can move onto pictures of Tia's favorite space in her home nestled in a quaint little Los Angeles neighborhood.





Thank you Tia for sharing a snippet of your lovely home and life. Just so you know I'll hit the flea markets with you anytime.


Ms. Bright said...

Hello my lovely blog friend! I have missed you! I hope you and your beautiful family are doing well. I will have to read to catch up!! I have been on an unexpected leave of absence from blogland, but have returned!! Can't wait to reaquaint with you.

I need some Madame Pumphrey in my life. Must make more!

the big "W" said...

Wow I love Tia's work an love ker living room. I can totally relate with the decorating process of an ever evolving house.

paula said...

As I mentioned she is one of my favorites. so excited she has a blog now.

Liza said...

she is so cute! I love the picture of her with her girls! And her artwork...I'm inspired!

Julie Holloway said...

So funny to go blog hoppin' and see my fave, Tia, there, and a sweet mention of yours truly. Isn't she the best? I love getting an inside glimpse of one of my top 5 designers! Truly, she has a gift. You're not to shabby yourself, either! Thanks again, Julie

Whitney said...

I wish I was good flea market and antique store shopper. I love the space. AS interior Designer myself I know what it is like to evolve a space. Im changing my house all the time. Small pieces here and there to save money but what I really want to do is redo the whole thing and start fresh. Tia your space is beautiful!

Dayka Robinson said...

i love an eclectic & pulled together space! tia has beautiful style . . .

Unknown said...

OMG her home is amazing!Love the photo of her and the girls. SO charmingly sweet!

Laura said...

And you're so right about the photo with her girls. So sweet!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

What a beautiful living room. Love the mix!

Decor To Adore said...

The pops of fuschia are just perfect.

I adored your previous post too in all its inspirational glory.

alison giese Interiors said...

Wow! That is a lovely home, and the art is amazing! Gorgeous picture with her girls, too!

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

WOW! She is so lucky, i love her favorite space!

Lauren said...

I am such a huge fan of hers!! Off to check out her blog-yay!! Thanks so much- loved this!

LindsB said...

Love her new blog!! And that photo with her and her daughters, dont even get me started- too cute for words!!

angela hardison said...

beautiful - can't wait to check out her blog.

Olivia said...

ugh those paintings are incredible!! so fun