Tuesday, August 3, 2010

laminating fabric


I have this great little upholstered settee that I have been wanting to use as seating @ our dining table for a few years but can't come to terms with investing in the fabric and the re- upholstery knowing that I have kids that spill five times a day. I have known that one could have fabric laminated but just hadn't taken the time to do the research. Then I came across the above in Southern Living where the homeowner had her ottoman fabric laminated by Custom Laminations. I was so excited to have a source right @ my finger tips that I had to share. I love the concept of not having to sacrifice style for kids. Has anybody ever tried this and how does the process stand up?

Kim Zimmerman used custom lamination for the below kitchen banquette. I also love the below living room pace featured in the Nov '08 Cottage Living. Got to love a good paisley.


{second photo via Peak of Chic}


lemondropdreams said...

This is another company I found years ago when I considered getting fabric laminated for kids products for my business.


I was thinking of getting oilcloth to cover my kitchen chair seats but I was worried I would stick to it in the summer. Plus, they don't have that cute of a selection.

Katherine said...

depending on the size of the piece, you could do it yourself...


Laura said...

That would be such a fun project. Oh the possibilities!!

Full House said...

Oh cool, thanks for the other resources girls. I will have to check into those.

angela | the painted house said...

I love it when you toss out a bunch of great posts for us!

Our kitchen chairs are about to die and I've been contemplating a settee for one side with laminate, too. I've kept my eyes peeled for a settee as I do not have one myself. I better get a plan of attack in place as I don't have much time before chairs start to split--yeouch!

Thank you for the link!

paula said...

Oh my, I would love to know too. Saw that ottoman in person and the texture was still so wonderful.

Kristen said...

oh please do another post when you find out more or actually get it done...I have been dying to do this as well:)