Friday, July 9, 2010



It's Friday and I feel fine. In fact I'm going to lay out a few things that make me happy and I wasn't even planning on doing so but I am going with it...

First and I am not even kidding but TRIM..yes I am obsessed with trim like in the above images. It's all about the details.

Secondly, just read this lovely post and felt uplifted & inspired to never not want to create so I can be like the Creator. The beauty of it all is that we all can create in our own ways.

Lastly how about a small town parade with triplet boys who have candy stuffed into their little mouths and are wearing cameras on their shirts...yes pls. I think I am mostly saying yes pls. because I had the help that came in the form of a Papa, a Grandma and an Aunt Alisha. Without them I would have been toast (more like the boys would have been toast or flattened out like a pancake after being hit by a float from running into the street). Husband was too busy to be of assistance because he was off sitting on one of the before mentioned floats thinking he was the star of the parade. At least he was sitting on the 20 year high school reunion float and not the 30 year one...see big time. Oh don't fret though those weren't the only things to pass by in the parade. We saw lots of beauty queens, tractors and hot rods:-) Just wait until I tell you about kids catching fish with their bare hands after the parade in the park. Well hot dang because it's all true.


Have a lovely weekend!

{images top to bottom here, here, here, here]


Mande said...

Your boys are beautiful!! Love their camera shirts, sitting there so sweetly during the parade. My son runs around like a little maniac as every float throws candy. It gets a little nuts. Definitely need assistance when we attend those.
Love the trim in the images you posted- that bed is fabulous!! Happy Friday! xo

Laura said...

Great photo - LOVE the shirts!! Can't wait to hear more of the fish story! :-)

bazaarofserendipity said...

IM with you its ALL about the little details! The boys look adorable in their little outfits btw :-)

Mars said...

Your boys and their camera shirts are the cutest!! Sounds like fun!

Unknown said...

congrats on your girls' bedroom being featured on Apartment Therapy! :)

Whitney said...

Waylon is old enough to be on a 20 year highschool reunion float!? Seriously? The boys look perfect in their camera shirts!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

I'm your newest follower! I am LOVING your blog. You have such great style, and such a beautiful family! Can't wait to read on!

Shannon said...

Howdy from Austin. Welcome home. MUST. Have. T-shirts. Where please.
Shannon in rainy Austin

Full House said...

Shannon,,you better get your hynie down to Gap Outlet..the shirts are even marked 30% off.

Send some of that Austin rain over here.

angela | the painted house said...

On a float in a parade? I just knew you all were famous!

Why are little boys so adorable and naughty and irresistible and mischievous and even more charming three at a time? Sweet photo. :)

Thank you for the link, my dear!

Unknown said...

your boys are so cute!! and i love the trim.

Andrea Reh said...

I'm loving the brown studded headboard with those terracotta cushions - perfection! Your boys are adorable.

Would love to see you at my blog sometime.

Andrea X

Books&Jewels said...

those kids r too cute! i love their shirts!!

Unknown said...

Wow I love that bedroom! The headboard is stunning. First time here, your blog is fabulous! The boys, the girls, truly a full house!! So glad I found you.

Valerie S said...

Washs that parade in Richfield, Utah? They do that fish thing (which my kids loved when they were young) so I was just wondering. Found your blog through Becky Higgins referral. Very nice decorating ideas.

grant + brittany said...

oh hello! haven't been around in a while but just thought i'd stop in and say hello, still loving your blog and the inspiration i get from it. i'm so so so impressed by the girls room. not even just the decor but the fact that you SPENT UNDER $250.

on my mom's side of the family, when all the women get together... we shop. and we definitely don't go to the mall. we yard sale like crazy, find stuff on craigslists or ksl and together we have so much fun. there is talent in my family.. that is for sure. my cousin's house looks straight out of any home decor magazine yet everything in EVERY room is second hand or maybe just found on sale (for an amazing price). i love it so much, so hopefully you can see why your girls bedroom made me so so happy.

anyway don't you just like.. look in their room and then just love yourself? because clearly you have an eye for design and a budget. which is really what everyone wants!

grant + brittany said...

i almost forgot to tell you the most important thing i had to say! lately i've been feeling bugged at myself for buying whatever i see that i just have to have (treasures that i know i'll never see again) because i am creating QUITE the collection and since we only live in a one bedroom apartment.... ya. so anyway when i read about the girls room, i felt so much better because a lot of it you already had and maybe had for quite awhile? anyway it just gave me some peace of mind.

Stephanie Sabbe said...

love these images, AND your girls' room is SO awesome! good job

Misses Bee said...

Just bookmarked your blog. Love your twins bedroom! Very sweet. Your kids are adorable! I have 2 girls and I am not sure how you do it :)

Michelle said...

Oh, I am so totally stealing that headboard design!

christy said...

Love the camera tees! Seeing the bruised shins on the boys made me laugh (sorry) as a mom of one busy boy I can totally appreciate how much mischief they get into. :)

Full House said...

Valerie...yes that was in Richfield UT. Isn't so fun to watch the kids catch the fish with their bare hands. Fun to find others who know what I am talking about.

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