Friday, July 16, 2010

Fluff N Stuff


So lately it has just been easier to post pretty pictures with not a ton of commentary. Trust me though I have lots of commentary going on in my head that I would love to share but the days do not have enough hours so @ this stage in life we're are keeping things very light & fluffy. Don't get me wrong, I love the fluff, for it certainly has its place as a nice diversion and an outlet. Recently though, one of the dialogues that has been running through my head is how there is so much hope to be had. Sometimes it is easy to feel heavy because of despair or discouragement. I mean life has a way of not going as planned or throwing us some major curve balls at times but I take great comfort in thinking about the whole picture and why we are here on Earth...and isn't that crazy how we are all in this together? Then I think about a funeral I attended a few weeks ago. I was reminded about the fact that our Savior is the most kind and merciful Being. He will always give us the benefit of the doubt. After I was reminded of that I felt more hope then I had felt in a very long time. Hope is a very good thing you know. You know what else...really good people who inspire when they are alive inspire even that much more when they die. I don't know about you but I don't want to die a loser..therefore I am very happy today for another crack @ life...I am going to try really hard not to curse in my head (or out loud) today even if my whole bottle of Costco cinnamon spills all over the floor and then little kids have a party in it. I'll admit it I was a little put out but then when I went to use the vacuum the next day I discovered that it sent the most beautiful cinnamon aroma throughout the kids really are the genius ones and I should be taking more notes from them because I'm thinking the world is such a better place because of children. You know what else I am going to try and stop feeling so darn guilty all of the time for not being a better Mom. I mean there has to be enough guilt so that I want to do better but "come on" at some point stop the guilt. I never knew how much guilt comes with being a Mom..sheesh. There I feel I little bit better that I had a chance to go beyond the fluff a bit.

Happy Monday!

P.S. - We took all of cribs down last week. The boys old room now is starting to look like the above. The above rough draft is inspired by the hot air ballon, bike, and plane art. The room will be titled the, "we are going places together room" and is all about travel and heritage.


Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

I love posts like this of the non-fluffy variety. I have many of the same thoughts running through my head...about how we're all in this together, and how kids are geniuses, and the mommy guilt too. Its good to share these thoughts. Then you see you're not alone in that boat.

I love how you title your rooms! The direction this room is going in is so fun; can't wait to see all the pieces fall in place.

Aileen said...

Hey I know a lady in my ward who is need of a crib. Have you given them away? If not please let me know and i would pick one up? It would be appreciated

Aileen Bohn

Aileen said...

I know you dont know me but I follow your blog a lot. Sorry to be so forward.


Emily A. Clark said...

I could've written this exact post myself. Everything from not having time to write posts to loving Jesus to trying not to lose it on a daily basis with my kids. I get it. All of it :)

I actually just stopped by to let you know I linked to your girls' room on my blog today. Glad I found this timely post on your blog.

Amy Lou said...

Oh gosh - I really needed to hear this today! Hope - it really is AMAZING :) XOXO

Full House said...

Aileen, Don't apologize in the least. I would love to donate a crib but 2 of them were borrowed. I think the other one might already be going to somebody in need of a crib. If something happens and she doesn't take it then I would love to pass it on to the lady in your ward. Leave me your email so that I can contact you.

xx - Christina

Aileen said...

Thank you. Please let me know if it becomes available. My email is
BTW I heart your blog

Laura said...

It's going to be a great room! And I agree, thanks for your thoughts. You are definitely not alone!

Christie O'Reilly said...

Christina! Love your blog and LOVE this post! Your words today are very encouraging and bring life to my day! God is good! I am reading a book called Plan B by Pete Wilson. He is a pastor in Nashville and the book is rocking my socks of! I really think it was be an encouraging, hopeful, mind-changing book! God Bless!

GiGi said...

so i just sat down for a breather after an insane morning--i think the little dude is getting his molars. he is not a clingy baby at all, but today, he wouldn't let me put him down. i didn't mind it, though.
anyway-i felt like i just sat down with a girlfriend and had a cup of coffee and you helped me put things in perspective. i can totally relate to the cinnamon on the floor story (but grief did it HAVE to be from costco?? that means it was a whole LOT of cinnamon).
thank GOD for His mercy and Grace--during molars, spilled cinnamon, and everything else.

and on a more serious note, is that picture from your home? do you own that mirrored side table??!! if so, thank God for His mercy, grace and forgiveness when I come steal it.
I love it.

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Such a lovely post. It is really easy to be so hard on ourselves. We all have that guilt that we aren't being the perfect moms. Thankfully the kids don't notice our imperfections as much. Once I told Noah I was sorry I wasn't always the best mom and he responded that I was the best mom ever! They love us regardless. On the other hand life is so much better when we can focus on what is good, right and working! On the fluff side - that room is darling. Can't wait to see your boy version!

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

You're hands down my new favorite read! So glad to have stumbled on to you!

Whitney said...

Big boy Beds?! I dont think Im ready for this. I was just saying to Zach last night how I havent seen or talked to you in a bagillion years. I love you!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

cinnamon aroma... mmm you made me smile... life is such a strange whole... loved this post Christina, thank you. You are an amazing women xoxo
cant wait to see what you do with the boys room :)

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

It is so easy to feel guilty as a parent and I think you have many times the workload of most parents because you are pulled in so many different directions with so many little ones. I remember how hard it was and all mine were singletons. You are doing a great job - just hang in there as it does get easier as the kids get a little older (and a little more reasonable).

I'm looking forward to seeing how you decorate the room.

kimma said...

Its great to hear you've rediscovered your hope. So often it is loss that brings this clarity to our lives. I hope you, your family and friends are coping with this recent passing.

angela | the painted house said...

Wow, Christina, there are like 5,000 gems of wisdom in this "stuff" post. I think most moms relate to what you are saying--I suspect especially the moms of young multiples. And creative moms, too.

Hope is so beautiful and REAL. And thank you for reminding me that cinnamon on the floor can be a good, if not genius, thing. :)

Amanda said...

you're an angel. not only to the five little angels you have yourself but us other bloggers and moms who needed to hear such encouraging words and who needed to be reminded that situations similar to that of "spilled cinnamon" are often little reminders from above that life is full of surprises, and to appreciate the good we must live with some occasional bad.

you brought this guilt stricken mama of only one to tears today. i don't know how you do it, and remain so lovely, sweet, and SANE... but, you are an amazing mother and a true inspiration to all of us.

i'm going to leave some cinnamon sit out later and see what fun my little man can have with it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,

Thanks for the tip on the mirror and shelf brackets - I think I have a thing for mirrors!

Read your post and it's nice to hear someone talk about guilt and motherhood. I think they go hand in hand for so many of us and you're right, we must stop feeling so guilty so often. It's good to keep things in check and appreciate the miracle that is children and at the same time not let chaos abound.

You rock.


Melissa@Vidastyle said...

I love your blog, thankyou for sharing, i can relate. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the boys room!

Unknown said...

Light and fluffy works ...especially when kids are the in the mix.

Unknown said...

Such a great reminder, thanks for sharing that.. I needed it! Love your blog!

Morgan said...

I love the side table next to the bed! Where is that great find from?

I can't wait to see the boy's room - I love your inspiration.

Thank you for the congrats, and we are having a lovely time in Sedona! Plenty of hours spent by the creek, hiking, and we even managed a day trip to Flagstaff (which I loved).