Thursday, July 15, 2010

splitter splatter


The artwork, especially in the top photo reminds me of potty training...lots of splitter splatter.

I recently told a friend that I had just down-loadeded a potty training in 3 days GUARANTEED..hoping that I wasn't a sucker.


Heather said...

I just read your "profile" and thought it was hysterical! I love the Yahtzee analogy (as I'm a big fan AND a twin!). Also, let me know how that "potty training in three days" goes! I may need a copy too!

Mande said...

If this potty training in 3 days works for you- please let me know. We are just starting the process with the baby. Hard to believe she is 19 months old tomorrow.
It is always a pleasure to visit your blog Christina. xo

pyjammy pam said...

I also have triplet boys, so I'm very interested in hearing if this works for you. I'm terrified of PTing. Ack!

~Grace Happens~ said...

i am right there with you momma! well...kind of, cuz i only have 1;) potty training starts this weekend! good luck and if you have any pointers, send them my way:)

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

hahaha not yet there :) yes did all the french school thing, interesting... I highly recommend it but of course what would I say? I hope one day to be able to take my kids too :)

Lifes Delish said...

My triplets are 8 now but they all decided to potty train at different times. My daughter at 2, one boy at 3 and the other at 3 1/2. I tried the all at the same time but it didn't work. It would e so great if your 3 day program works for you. Anything to make a triplets moms life easier is a good thing!

Molly said...

Ha ha I'm potty training right now and I want to shoot myself. I can't imagine doing more than one. I'm on the verge of tears. Best wishes!!!

angela | the painted house said...

Ha! Good luck!

Teach your boys, "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie."


jordan said...

I have the same book and starting to potty train my 24 month old little boy next week.

angela hardison said...

well, i like the art... not sure about the other part. good luck with that ;)

Mommara said...

Ha! Let me know how that goes. I have a little man that needs to learn soon.

Laura said...

Please let me know if that works. Good luck with the kiddos, if it works I'm so on it.
I know it sounds gross, but right now I have a lot of peeing in the backyard - he thinks that's awfully cool. I'm okay with it (for now) because he's excited about it and at least he's not peeing in the kids' pool. :-)

Anonymous said...

I used the three day on two of my four kids, and it works. I don't do the crazy sleep on the floor and wake them up to go potty thing. I just finished potty training number 4 and so far so good. The most important thing is the way you ask if they need to go. Always say "YOU let me know when YOU need to go" put them in control.
Good luck!!

Wendi said...

I read Potty Training in Less Than a Day (forgot author) and it really, really worked! I trained both my girls in less than 4 hours (separate times). I called it Potty Boot Camp! Good luck!

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