Thursday, June 24, 2010

{wide bottomed pants and averages}

Why is it so easy to go from liking this...


to liking this....



Probably because they both look so good. I do have to admit though that for years I have been a HUGE fan of wide bottomed pants..

Also I was thinking the other day that Motherhood is kind of crazy because one day you are on cloud nine and then the very next day you want to run away. Weird how that happens...good thing for averages.

{here, here, here}


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

I would have thought of you actually even if I hadn't seen them here :) Love them! they have a certain glam than skinnies dont

Mande said...

Christina, I am there. One day life is bliss....the next you just want to get away...maybe just for an hour...but you just need a little sanity break.
I am usually a wide bottomed pants type of gal too. I had to do a double take- thought that was you in the 3rd picture for a minute.

Erica said...

Hello! Love your blog, it's always fun to find a fellow Arizona blogger!

Thanks for all the inspiration.


Jenny at LGN said...

Christina, Where did those AMAZING pictures of your girls' room GO???

Hopefully they'll be back tomorrow with all sorts of info and sources. :)


Natalie | Make Today Great said...

I love the chic glam and put-togetherness that wide legs bring.

Anna said...

I am so short that wide-legged pants can make me look rather stumpy ... but I love them anyways!

Gorgeous set of photos you selected.

(I'm having fun making my way through your archives. Don't you love a new blog find?)