Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!



As we departed my parents house on this fine Father's Day, I witnessed what to me is just the Dad getting the kids all riled up. He is such a playful soul. I reflected back and remembered that was one of the reasons as a child why I loved him so. Now the next generation gets to bask in all of the fun except they see a tall 6ft 5in white haired man and I still see the dark haired handsome Daddy that woke us up with a song and made "potato patutties"....I regret to say there was a time that I didn't quite appreciate some of the Daddyisms that happened back in the day. I must have been pure crazy to not like the song, "So let the sunshine in, face it with a grin", blasted in my ear at dawns early light....and to not appreciate recycled tater tots from that night before made into a delightful breakfast surprise is even more astounding. Man things have changed because I'd gratefully take any one of those things on a platter (platter optional).

I'm pretty sure that Dad ranks as one of the top people to have shaped and influenced my life. Can't say I'd want it any other way really.

I'm also pretty sure that my kids will say the same thing about their Dad (AKA my husband) as well...I already think that he is top notch.

I still laugh @ this picture taken last year...


What a couple of Dads!


Dayka Robinson said...

yay for great dads!

and i need to know what is going on in those fabulous rooms!!! i am LOVING the mirrored cabinets and is that a separate office or an office on the other side?? it is such a beautiful and energizing space--whomever gets to work in there sure is lucky!

Bringing Lady Back said...

Love all of these pictures! Thank heaven for good men in our lives, eh?

Full House said...

Dayka..yes my Mom is a very lucky lady to have such a wonderful workspace. The pictures are from the same room, where one side is the laundry station and the other side is the sewing station. I may have even helped to design the cabinets so that made me happy that you loved them.

Debbie said...

Oh the memories...and they still go on!!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

oooh how incredibly sweet Christina!!
and yes your mom is one lucky lady, what a gorgeous space she has created, I thought it was your home and I was going to tell you how my jaw was somewhere on the floor lost ;) well same thing, I knew there was some Christina touch!! Hope you had a blast with all your family! xoxo

Mande said...

Loving your mom's space!! Very chic and what a cool dad you have!! My dad made us potato cakes for breakfast growing up- his mother's recipe and with a yummy sour cream sauce. I could go for those right now.... Hope both your dad & hubby had a wonderful day!! Loving that last picture...the day in the life of a dad to twins & triplets!! xo

Unknown said...

SO nice everything you said about your father...and so true...what is it with us that for some crazy years we stop seeing them for who they really are... and today when faced we life everyday challenges... we get them and we realized they where and are so wise....!!
Thant picture with your kids and your husband is sooo cute!! Love it!!

Laura said...

That is a seriously cool laundry, craft, office space!
Your dad sounds amazing and I LOVE that photo of your husband with the kiddos!