Thursday, June 17, 2010

the beach {part one}


Just got back from a nice CA excursion. The first part of the trip included just our little family and the second part included my parents, siblings and all of their kids. We were a little nervous because it was the first trip we took ALL of the kids to stay in a hotel with just husband & I. I felt a little bit sorry for the people in the hotel rooms above, below and to the sides of us. I don't think we've ever gotten so many stare downs. I forget that there may be a possibility that we stick out whenever we go places. We did a few various activities that mostly included a tour de southern california beaches, including the following:

La Jolla

Out of all of the beaches I think that I am still partial to Coronado. The sand is so soft, fine and has the most beautiful gold specs that glistened in the sunshine.

I would love to hear anybody else's take on southern California's beaches.

Thanks to anybody who gave me some great suggestions....we really had a swell time.


Mande said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the California beaches. It has been so long, but I remember the glistening sand when I would stay out west with my dad during the summer months.

Amanda said...

I am so so jealous right now! I am so in love with the beach after our drive down the coast last summer. I really loved Glass Beach up by Fort Bragg, but I also loved Carmel with its white sandy beaches. You have such cute kids who are very photogenic!

angela | the painted house said...

Missed you, my dear! So happy you all had a wonderful time--lovely photos.

Gorgeous family of seven? Yes, you stick out in such a good way. :)

nest of posies said...

i am sure all those stares we in total admiration for your beautiful family!

the kids are just gorgeous, the pics are FAB & for a few moments i felt like i was in the sand right there with them.
-thank you for that! you know how i love me some cali beaches!
so glad you all had a good time.

bazaarofserendipity said...

aww sorry I missed ya! so glad to hear you had a blast. Coronado is gorgeous!

Hannah said...

What beautiful pictures! You have such an adorable family, it looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

A Casa da VĂ¡ said...

that must have been so fun! i never been to coronado, but that sounds like a great suggestion =)

angela hardison said...

solana beach is maybe my least favorite (covered in seaweed! ugh), but that's where ALL my in-laws have their timeshare condos.

beautiful photos. glad you had a nice trip!

Laura said...

LOVE the photos and hope there are more! :-)
Glad you had a great time!!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

Ooh there you were!! So much fun!! And you stick out because of the gorgeousness of your family not anything else!! :D well at least thats the reason I would stare at you guys

Amanda said...

gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous family. we're off to the beaches of the Carolina's tomorrow and although they differ very much from the California beaches, i sure hope we have as much fun and see as much beauty as you seemed to have. :)

always a fun post from you. hopefully i can manage some of my own again soon. ;)

Dayka Robinson said...

Love the beaches in CA, and i love san diego in general. i would LOVE to be there now!

great photo of your daughter spread out on the sand . . . .

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I'm with you - Coronado is one of my all time favorite beaches. Walking along the strip in front of the Del just before sunrise is my idea of pure heaven.

MerciBlahBlah said...

So. Jelly. That you got to go to one of my favorite places EVAH - Laguna. Sigh. I miss miss miss it. Sounds like a great trip!

Laura Fuller said...

we just got back from mission. i love any beach but the ones in your pictures are beautiful.

Unknown said...

What a fun vacay! Beautiful pictures. 2 questions...what kind of camera do you have and is there a special program you use to get your pictures to layout like a collage on blogger?

Melanie said...

I LOVED seeing you! I miss you already!

~Grace Happens~ said...

such amazing pictures! so glad you had fun. i love coronado beach as well. solana beach has great shopping, but the beach is very small and if it's high tide, then lots of seaweed gets on the beach. did you make it to moonlight beach in encinitas? they did the vogue shoot there. it's beautiful, soft sand like coronado and big. also, ponto beach right past encinitas is beautiful with white sand, no rocks and seaweed. it's amazing how the beaches all differ here, but those are my two faves! can't wait for part two of your visit:)

Liza said...

you got some great pictures!

prashant said...

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christy said...

Coronado is my favorite. We have been going there every year for the last 3-4 years now & will be heading back in a few weeks. Cannot wait. :) La Jolla is my second fav, although more crowded, hot & less serene than Coronado.

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