Wednesday, June 23, 2010

wild engines (AKA: Bridge-gee Baby, Wellsinator & Choaney)






Lately have felt a little more outnumbered so we simplified and our little boys 3rd birthday consisted of:

slushies before lunch
cupcakes out of a box (shame on me)
making indian headbands
a teepee & boom box from my parents
cars from husbands parents
new shoes from us
singing happy birthday 3 individual times
lots of smiles
lots of love

Because of the birth of my boys I have benefited greatly. They have helped to learn me a lesson or do not have any expectations when it comes to trying to get their pictures taken. I guess either which way it really didn't matter because Michelle is a miracle worker. I left the photo shoot thinking there is no way she got a decent picture...not for a lack of skills but because my boys WORKED us. I think I love the pictures because not only are they cute but it shows real life. I have three wild "engines" for petes sake so why wouldn't one have a black eye that just happened in nursery two days before pictures and why would they only NOT wear their indian bands and hats for pictures and why wouldn't they feel the need to cry and have only their Momma carry them when usually they want to walk all by themselves and why would one want to keep biting his toy snake and why would we have to try and bribe them to take pictures by throwing suckers in the teepee and telling them to get in.

To say I am so happy to have the above pictures is an understatement...thanks Michelle.


angela | the painted house said...

These are precious--good photographers are miracle workers with kids. Thank you for sharing with us! :)

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Your boys are beautiful and I love the photographs! The headbands look like so much fun!

Rhonda said...

Those pictures are amazing!!! The boys look great! Perfect little "engines". Love it. Can't believe that they are 3!
Happy Birthday!
Oh & simplifying in definitely NOT over-rated!

Debbie said...

It's amazing how even when we simplify, kids can make it even simplier!!!!! Those headbands are absolutely beautiful. Dad did not over exaggerate! And the pictures are adorable. Michele does such a great job.

LindsB said...

They are too beautiful for words- I LOVE this photo shoot- what an amazing treasure you get to keep always!

Mande said...

Beautiful shoot! I love the candid style photos best- and someday when you look back at these you will remember the 3 vivacious spirited boys that filled your days with laughter & joy....what a fun age too. Thanks for sharing the link to the session. Beautiful!!

Mary said...

Those are the cutest pictures in the whole entire world!

grant + brittany said...

ha, man i just love everything about this post.

angela hardison said...

oh my GOODNESS! they are really really cute. i love these photos, and the teepee/headbands = perfection.

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

only one word, everything else is pointless: AMAZING
be proud, they are gorgeous photos, handsome little men! xoxo

nest of posies said...

only YOU could pull this sort of thing together! these are all priceless. your photographer did an amazing job.
loved your written post. why is it always like that? kids just know how to act up or not at all in front of the camera. but - honestly, you could never tell it here. wonderful moments in time captured!

GiGi said...

they are scrumptious!!!
so stinkin' cute!!!!

hope you're having a good summer, my friend!

~Grace Happens~ said...

oh i just love these pics!!!! happy birthday times THREE!!!! such an amazing family you have. you are such an inspriation!!!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Those are lovely photos - so precious, and such a slice of your life right now with busy, busy boys. She captured them all with sweet expressions on their faces.