Tuesday, February 23, 2010

{connecting orange with citrus thoughts}

My MIL comes at least once a year to come pick citrus. Her arrival has made me think about a few random things:

a) I used to write much more on my blog, as seen here on MIL's last trip.
b) Citrus is healthy and happy, and bright.
c) We that live here close to the orange groves take the fruit for granted.
d) MIL has reminded me how I love fresh squeezed juice.
e) The aroma that comes from citrus tops my favorite scent list.
d) Fond memories of driving through the orange groves on hot summertime nights. It always drop at least 10 degrees.

Oh the happiness all because of orange.

I'm feeling really good about all things infused with citrus today....especially my MIL.
I'm also thinking that a home infused with small doses of orange is right up my alley.

Or if you feeling extra bold how about a full dose of orange..


LindsB said...

I love orange, cant get enough of it!

momof3girls said...

It is funny how certain scents can take you back to a certain memory!! Thanks for sharing--I think I am a little bit jealous of you living so close to the orange groves!

Anonymous said...

Christina, I have to laugh because I have had an awful Coke (not Pepsi) addiction in the past. I used to drink two or three cans before lunch. This was back twenty years ago in my high school days. My love of the drink has not ended, I just don't drink it for breakfast! All soda products are liquid satan as I have heard them referred to previously. They really are. There is not a single health benefit that comes from the drink, unless you say pleasure, I am not convinced pleasure is a health benefit. Anyhow, I enjoy my Coke (or sometimes Dr. Pepper) on occasion just because it tastes so good!


Dayka Robinson said...

I love beautiful photos!

Unknown said...

yes!!! these are beautiful examples. i LOVE orange, as you can see here:


great post!

Annie said...

You make orange in home decor look extraordinary!

Whitney said...

I do love orange. Color and smell

Laura said...

How lucky you live so close to orange groves!! Ahhhhhh, that would be nice!

Anonymous said...

a touch of orange a day keeps the gloom away. beautiful images with the perfect color.

mandyface said...

Love the color and love love love the dresses!