Thursday, February 25, 2010

little green chairs and stripes

Q: What does five little green chairs and stripes have in common?

A: They both make for some fun family-friendly spaces. (The flowers were
thrown in for me, aren't they gorgeous..)

Thank you Kellie for sending the image of the 5 little green chairs all
lined up.

{top photo via Roger Davies photography, bottom left via Skonahem}


Anonymous said...

I want to re-create that entryway!!! It's exactly what I need.


nest of posies said...

only YOU could make it all look so good.
i mean, seriously. that image with the little green chairs was darling. but then, you find the 3other images & put them in a gallery all together & it just becomes a brillant post.

only you...

Laura said...

Loving those stripes!!