Sunday, February 14, 2010

sleeping beauty.

Lots of love.
Went to the ballet this weekend.
Sleeping beauty to be exact.
Didn't start until 8pm.
Girls bedtime is equal to or less than the above time.
Ballet was long and beautiful.
I will wait a couple more years to bring the girls back.(enough said)
At least memories were made.

The thing about it, is that it is all about expectations. I am learning to not have them when it comes to many things in life. Having numerous children in an instant has helped me to learn how to roll with the punches and let go of so many of my control issues (which I didn't even know I had until I had kids). Funny... 

For example there was no way little midget man was going to wear the hot pink crocs to church. He was so ticked. I had to put his shoes back on three times before we made it to the car.

I.AM.IN.CONTROL (That's what I said right before the ultra-sound tech announced 3 heart beats)

Next time he can wear the stinking pink crocs to church. Who really cares anyway.

I thought about these pictures at the ballet because there really was a big bed with a crown above it on the stage. Pretty fancy smancy.

{images via Martha Stewart Living}


Shayla said...

Right now I wish a)I had a little girl b)I had that gorgeous bed & c)that our late night meeting at walmart months ago could have made us instant best friends because your world is simply lovely!
These photos of you with your darling little princesses are soOo precious.

Laura said...

Picking our battles with the wee ones is always hind sight with me. I get caught up in the moment and then AFTER think, really not a big deal. We'll just keep getting better at that! :-)

Love the ballet photos and LOOOOOOOVE the bedroom photos!

Ange said...

What a stunning little girls room - I'm going to bookmark that one!

Good lesson for all of us to learn! And sometimes pink crocs at church are just what the congregation is hoping for...cause they probably all went through a similar thing trying to get out the door too!

Ms. Bright said...

What a sweet evening for you and your girls! Those photos are beautiful! How you manage to keep it together always amazes me.

I'm posting my Mardi Gras menu in a little while...I think!

Lucky Lucas said...

Next time you want to go to the ballet you can take me instead. I promise to sit still in my seat, not spill any liquids and be quiet most of the time. loves.

Anonymous said...

You and your girls look beautiful! I didn't realize you had triplets. I'm kinda new around here. As I age, I realize how many little things are not important. I let my daughter wear her light-up princess shoes to church every week until they didn't fit any longer.

Enjoy the moment!

Abby Hunter said...

I love your honesty! I am realizing that I have control issues too - but I only have one kiddo. I try every day to loosen up and just enjoy her. Your ballet photos are beautiful. I would love to take Kalia, but after your comment about waiting a couple more years, I think I'll hold off! ;)

Shannon said...

LOVE those pics. The girl's dresses are gorgeous.

I too was in control until we thought Miss Abigail might have something wrong with her. Funny how I let it all fall on the plate of the Big Man upstairs.
The pink Crocs........I'm SURE that will pass. No worry there.

Oh these kids I tell ya. They sure keep us on our toes.

Shannon in Austin

Dayka Robinson said...

I love that you got the girls dressed up. I'm sure you made memories that they'll have forever. :)

Nikki said...

You made memories, that's all that counts. But Wow you are brave ;)

Unknown said...

Nice bed idea here...looks very antique and graceful.

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