Friday, September 14, 2012

ponderings for the weekend


It is my weekend wish that every single one of us are as happy as kids at a free splash pad.

I am absolutely crazy for the above pictures that my sister took when we got the cousins together this summer.  I am also absolutely crazy for my kids dialogues.  In fact just this morning two of my boys were reflecting upon and discussing their tea that they had the night before.  One of the boys was telling the other boy that he went back and and grabbed the honey to put more in.  Wells (one of the before said boys) then said, "Hey I did that too but it made my tea too sweet and I didn't like it anymore".  Other brother then said not mine it was so much better with more honey.  They kept going back and forth until their big sister Maile decided to intercede by saying, "guys everyone doesn't have to like the same some people eat tripe and like it...Mexicans like to eat tripe and it is good for them..other people do not like to eat tripe and that is ok..we all like different things"  She then said "but I think most people in the world like to eat ice cream though".  Seriously out of all that comparisons.."tripe"????  Oh and she did make sure to educate the boys to the fact that tripe was cow these days!!!

Whenever I can feel summer winding down I always seem to feel a charge of inspiration take over in the form of decorating, crafting, finishing projects, cleaning and cooking.  The following are a few things coming and going through my fall focused mind.


Remember a year ago when I covered an ikea malm table in faux snakeskin? Well I started pounding in the upholstery tacks and never finished. It will get done this weekend if it is the last thing I do. I just used fabric and an upholstery staple gun, It has held up well. This week I came across some really great instructions on how using Modge Podge to cover a table with fabric. Go and visit Emily to get the shake down. Isn't her styling just great??

Below is the mother of all snakeskin upholstered pieces..found here.

I can't get shoulder patches and fabric studs off the brain. I feel a DIY coming on.

Ok and speaking of fall and pumkins, I think Jaimee Rose and her mother made a cool version of a decorative white pumpkin. I'd copycat for sure. Jaimee has been blogging on her newer website and in fact updates us quite a bit with things that outta make one excited for the change of seasons.

A little bit obsessed with the color of the below dress and the backsplash in Lilly's kitchen as featured in this months Lonny.


Pretty blankets for when it gets chilly. Found here and here.


The below has me inspired to find some pretty plates while on a tour de thrift.  Photo found here.


I will make a wreath this year and it will look like the below.  I also want to use more brown craft paper in my life.  Perfect for hosting a party.

Happy happy weekend!!!


Annie said...

Cute post. I love the dialog about honey and tripe. Perfect! And yes, those are some pretty darling pics of the kids at the splash pad. I'm so glad I was there with the camera to capture the moment.

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

love, love, LOVE the photos of happy, laughing little ones!!!!!

So sweet.

My Interior Life said...

I had no idea what tripe was. So glad your daughter could educate me! Those photos are adorable. And your snakeskin desk looks amazing, even partially trimmed out. Happy weekend to you!!

Shannon said...

I love your style! Kids are adorable too. I want to try to cover my malm desk like yours. How much fabric and nailheads did you need to buy?

Full House said...

Hey there Shannon, I think the project took 4 yards and I bought a whole box of 500 upholstery tacks and almost used them all. Hope that some what helps.

xx - CB

Samantha said...

Great photos. And kids are so random.

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