Friday, September 21, 2012

I scored love points on the life-o-meter today {Happy Friday}


I am usually way too uptight for my liking when it comes to our morning routine...perhaps my neighbors have heard me hoopin and hollerin at my children while I attempt to get them corralled into the car so that we are not late.  I can pretty much count on one of my kids in particular to make our family high risk in the tardy department.  This morning I could not get that kid going.  I was annoyed but then I felt so strongly that this would not be the morning to let her know of my strong feelings.  I also knew that in order for this little girl's twin sister to not be late we would have to all get in the car even if she was not ready.  Usually if I think that there is no way we would make it to school on time I would make the other twin wait because why would I want to make two trips to take kids to the same exact school.  Well this morning Maren came home with me after we dropped off sissy.  In the end it turned out beneficial for both of us.  It gave me a chance to hang out with her in her room at a much slower pace as we continued to get her ready.  While we were in there I looked around the room and many of the things that usually bug me seemed to all of a sudden strike a different chord.  The girls room is always so cluttered because they save every last thing and they like for all of these items to be displayed. In fact I think all of my thumb tacks have disappeared even though I have told them to stop using the thumb tacks to hang every single paper and handout on the wall.  This morning though I saw bright happy artwork that gave character and when I saw Ramona Quimby displayed ever so neatly next to the Brave doll I saw and felt love.  All of their other treasures were telling me so many great stories this morning.  I especially smiled when I saw that Maile had saved some leaves and flowers that a little boy had given to her on the bus...they were beautiful.  I really was just so touched by what my kids add to our home.   You know what...I think that if anyone is holding anybody back it would be me and not them.  It's interesting because from the outside I am sure it may appear  to some people that my kids are the ones holding me back when in reality they are the ones that are helping me to advance further in this life than I could ever do without them.

I guess I just love life today..and can't help but get it out I 'm just going with it.


P.S. - I think it is very fitting that Maren is wearing her heart shirt that she made out of bleach.


Dayka Robinson said...

loved this post. i can't even imagine you yelling at your kids, but i know it can't be easy with 5. good for you for letting go today and allowing the experience to take you where it may. your kids have always seemed like very creative & interesting souls...i know they must get a good chunk of that from you!

Miranda @ Pressing On said...

I love this too. It's so hard to really STOP and look at them. They have SO much to teach us.

Beautiful pictures...beautiful post.

A Perfect Gray said...

lovely and touching post. thank you for reminding me of what is important. my one and only son is graduating high school this year and I am overwhelmed with all there is to do to get applied and ready for college. thanks for helping me slow it down a little...donna

My Interior Life said...

So sweet. The life-o-meter is definitely the most important thing. You are obviously in love with your kiddos and vice versa. Loved this. Oh, and those West Elm duvets (aren't they?) on those twin beds are too cute (just like the rest of the room)!

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

What you wrote was beautiful. You make me so excited to be a mom one day. xo

Full House said...

Donna - So kids really grow up and go to college, huh?? Good luck with your son;-)

Kathy - Yes West Elm duvet covers.

Thank you Miranda @ Pressing On.

And Naomi you will have children and by the looks of things you will make a great Momma...I saw the way you held your niece;-)

Dayka - You know I love ya. Yes I yell but it is only twice a day..ha!

Unknown said...

Sometimes they are here to teach us.......they are beautiful moments if you stop long enough to experience them. What a gorgeous post. You have a gorgeous blog.

Julia said...

She made that shirt? Did you follow a tutorial, or just let her splash some bleach on the shirt?!?! Too cute :-) My daughters just recently starting sharing a room and it is FILLED with little pieces of junk... but each one has meaning to them and I'm trying to let go of my need to trash it all!

Full House said... is so tutorial necessary really. I just used that gel bleach that is easy to control. just squirt it out of the little nozzle and go to town.

Shadi said...

I have been reading your blog for sometime now but I don't think that have ever left a comment. however, this post resonated with me and almost brought tears to my eyes and made me smile at the are absolutely right. I am holding them back not them holding me them! thanks for sharing!

Annie said...

Totally inconvenient but good for you for allowing Maile to be on time for school while taking the opportunity to bond with Mar Bear. I love it.

Plus, that heart shirt is pretty cute. Good job craft goddess!

Debbie said...

Love the pictures and the prose! You are a wonderful mother.

Laura said...

I love that you are able to sit back and analyse situations as you are in them. I have many ah-ha moments I let slip past and it's in the midnight hour that it occurs to me. Sometimes it breaks my heart a little that I can't recognize them. It's an awesome gift, my friend.

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