Monday, September 24, 2012

fabric commitment issues {inspiration for girls room)


Uh oh I just bought a substantial amount of the above Paule Marrot fabric. I have commitment issues with fabric.  Its a done deal though because it's making it's way on over from the east coast.   Hopefully we can work this one out.  My little girl told me her favorite color was green and that fabric looks like green exploded all over it sooo....

Currently the room has been painted and the bedding has been purchased (as seen in the last post). With the ever changing mind that I have..I now find it necessary to ditch the faux bamboo headboards and aquire a pair of brass beds. I know I surprised myself with that one too..but I have it in my head that there needs to be brass beds..not like Grandma's brass beds but some really cool brass beds. Now I could change my mind again on this one due to budget issues but I'm thinking Craiglist will come through. (will you pls, join me in using the secret on this one)

I'm not set on any one of the above items..except the fabric because like I said it will be here any day this week.  Another notable is that I really wouldn't mind if there was a hint of art deco and a dash of chinoiserie going on without looking too fancy.  The above etagere is on Craigslist and I think would look great all painted and such.

WORK IT it out.



Elyse | Peonies and Brass said...

Ooooh, that looks amazing! Have you found a way to actually buy that art because I've looked and can't seem to!

Unknown said...

LOVE the fabric and the brass bed idea...pretty sure any combination of all that you've got going on there will be fabulous- I adore the little turquoise bench!

Unknown said...

looks fantastic!
So tell me, I've been wanting that West Elm bedding for our master bed.. how do you like it?

angela | the painted house said...

I'd commit to that fabric. Lovely.

Now I have Lay Lady Lay by Bob Dylan in my head. How's that for a musical implant?!

kelleyp said...

shoulda committed to the pagoda etagere!
killing me!!!

maggie_rane said...

Why don't you paint the bamboo beds gold? The shape would look killer in the metallic and it would save trying to find good quality brass beds . . .

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Ooooh, that looks amazing! Have you found a way to actually buy that art because I've looked and can't seem to!

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