Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{Kubus and a fun bargain find}


I have loved Pierre Frey Kubus ever since I first laid my eyes upon it. In fact I immediately sent out for a sample. I thought that with my budget I could stretch and someday make a small pillow..but probably not until Christmas 2016:-) Unlike my budget Lauren Santo Domingo was able to make a whole lot of Kubus yardage happen when there were multi panels that were necessary to drape her home..(necessary is the key word..and I don't disagree..except for if it were in my home...because I am sure Pierre Frey found all of my extra coins needed to buy the before said fabric and had them melted down to use in his dear Kubus fabric...there is some metallic action going on in the fabric..
Once I got over not having any metallic action in my fabric then I found out that it made much more sense to use Annex by Robert Allen for Dwell Studio. Besides I had in my mind that it would work best for my little boys room and the least expensive the better for a space like that (as a side note I'm still trying to get smashed cereal bar out of their fairly new rug). After seeing the fabric in person I made a deal and placed an order but then cancelled because at my local fabric retailer they still wanted a pretty penny plus $25 for shipping and in the interim figured out that I could go here and get it for $18.95 plus $4.99 shipping.  It still is not quite the fabic of the Kubus but thought that it gave me a similar look, BARGAIN!!

Have you found any bargains you feel the need to share? If so I would love to hear.

(The above space was designed by Francois Catroux for Lauren Santo Domingo and was just featured in the Sept. issue of Vogue. Photos courtesy of enterloop.)


Leah said...

this is an awesome alternative. kubus is a def a dream fabric for me! thanks!

My Interior Life said...

Great bargain tip! Might just have to add this into the mix in my son's room. If I can just get him to agree. Maybe I should get him hooked on Q-bert first (does anyone remember that game or am I seriously dating myself??)!

Unknown said...

What a great post.....and a great alternative for the price....it is gorgeous.

Barbie said...

Great idea for my boys' next room! Thanks.

On a sidenote, I woud LOVE if you'd do a fashion post now and then. Whenever I see a photo of you on your blog, I can see you've got mad style! I'd love to see you put together (affordable-for-a-mom) ensembles now and then.

ruzzel01 said...

Great alternative. Very innovative.


Carla Pysh said...

What is the price point on the Kubus? I love this post very much thank you.