Monday, September 17, 2012

{pendant lighting}

Let's see..the latest thought on my mind has been pendant lighting...for say like over a kitchen island or bar area. I have lots of children so I am envisioning something with 5 barstools where I can quickly serve them up some snacks while we talk about all of the important things in life. Of course there will a great countertop but the thing I look forward to choosing and installing the most is the jewelry of the kitchen AKA as pendant lighting.

My latest obsession for pendant lighting is the "Lucille" from Bradley Hughes. The J.Crew shop in San Francisco just installed a handful of that very same lighting over their cash wraps. I need to find the price point. In the meantime I'm showcasing a few pendants that have caught my eye..some even are at a very inexpensive price point.

I also have a lighting pinboard right here if you'd like to see a little more.



Jenn said...

Even more affordable than #2 is the Eurofase Piquito black pendant. Google it - it looks identical, and you can generally find it for $125ish. We just installed 3 grouped together in our LR. I thought the Tom Dixon beat lights are the original of this shape?

Heather Peterson said...

great round up--love the mix of higher and lower price points. Thanks!!


Katie Waddell said...

Jenn I got one better....$29.99! :)

They also have the bell shaped one but only available in stores:

Full House said...

Holy schmoly got some really great options and really finds.

Anonymous said...

These are unique lighting fixtures! Any of these can definitely make a home look updated! :) Also, this type of lighting doesn’t occupy much space, making it ideal for rooms that aren’t that spacious, such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

Cody Stephens