Sunday, May 16, 2010

softie moments



My kids all fit into a small plastic little tikes picnic bench.

My kids apparently do not fit into a larger church bench because we were in the foyer AGAIN.

That's all.

I really did have a softie moment when I observed all of my kids sitting at that little bench eating some lunch over @ Stacey's house.

Here's to many more softie moments this week.


Shannon said...

bless their hearts. It's the simple things huh?
In the foyer again eh?
Shannon in Austin

nest of posies said...

don't they grow so fast?
they are ALL delicious.

Mande said...

They are so cute! Cheers to many more softie moments. They grow up way too fast.

Unknown said...

ahhh. such a sweet photo.

Rhonda said...

That's too adorable! I love the "softie" moments!

Question, oh wise design guru, I want to make over my girls bathroom & my guest bathroom. Any good places on line to check out for some inspiration. Besides your blog. :)
Email me if you have the time. Thx Rhonda

Laura said...

Amen to softie moments. Your children are adorable!
Our boys were liking the foyer a bit too much so we changed our tactic to F.O.Y.E.R. = For being disObedient You are Exiled until you're Reverent. We sit in a corner with them on our laps facing the wall until they "decide" to give it reverence a try. Sometimes we go back out within minutes of sitting in the pew. During the hour, we smile through our teeth. Once Sunday is over, it's hilarious! :-)

babalisme said...

you have a bunch of goodness right there