Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eric Cohler...carrying on with the manliness theme (refer to post before this one)


Hi there Eric Cohler..great job on designing the above spaces. They are all pretty angular..
which is never a bad thing..
unless there is an edge that is too sharp and it cuts your upper thigh when you walk by...
semper fi to a guy with a great eye.

***Pls. pay no attention to the above mumble jumble because I have no idea what just got into me.
I love Dr. Suess.
Do you love Dr. Suess I say?


autumn said...

i DO love a masculine room, i admit.
and if i were witty enough, i would make
a fun poem.
but i wont.
instead, i'll just go home.
which is shaped like a dome.
and made out of foam.
oh brother...i think i need therapy.

angela | the painted house said...

The striped tile: making a mental note to copy unapologetically someday.

Dr. Suess? Are you kidding me? You should have seen the hysterics in the house when I brought home Fox in Socks. We read the beetle battle over and over until we cried. I printed it out and have it hanging in our study. That doc is a classic. And you are a close second in your verse making. :)

Dayka Robinson said...

love these images.

wish i was in the mood to rhyme,
but i don't have the time
maybe it's a sign
that i'm gettin' ready to shine!

translation: maybe all of this schoolwork will make me famous. i don't know why i felt the need to rhyme--look what you started . . .

☂niki. said...

lol. love the poetry!

SnowWhite said...

That gray and white striped tile reminds me of jail house jumpsuits in old black and white movies. I could see how that would be masculine but not quite a look I'd try in a normal home. Jail House Rock style.

lisa_d said...

What a stunning staircase. Love the house colors, so perfect.

Deirdre G
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Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

I love all of the rooms. They are so bold and fun!

Laura said...

I love the hallway. Carpet, wall hangings, everything!