Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Le 1 Place Vendome


You hungry, you say....well carrying on with the traveling and hotel theme this week our travels bring us inside of the Hotel De Vendome in Paris, where we will dine at the Le 1 Place Vendome.


Dayka Robinson said...

love the houndstooth chairs at the table.

Unknown said...

the fun thing about falling behind on my blog reading and reading all your posts back to back to back is that each is simply lovelier than the last! this interior is stunning but still so very cozy. perfection!

autumn said...

did somebody say HOUNDSTOOTH?
i'm soooo in.
love it...and now all of the sudden i am feeling really sorry for myself that i am not flitting about the globe staying at fantastic hotels. oh well--doing laundry and vacuuming is almost as glamorous. almost.